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George Gray was a

George Gray was a lecturer who was very much connected to life in the village. He came to New Zealand in 1873 to work at Canterbury University College where he lectured in chemistry until he transferred, ten years later, to the School of Agriculture where he remained until his retirement in 1915 40 . Besides his work as a lecturer he involved himself in problems related to soil and water as they affected the agricultural industry, and helped dairy companies to monitor standards by analysing samples of milk for them. In the course of this busy life he served as Acting Director 41 on several occasions. Like Mr. Ivey he was a staunch churchman and served St. Stephen’s parish for many years in various roles as church warden, lay reader and member of the vestry. In 1909 he bought a property on the corner of Leinster Terrace and Edward Street, next door to the present vicarage and lived there until his death in 1934. His daughter Daisy lived in the village all her life and for many years was organist at St. Stephen’s. 21. Portrait of George Gray. First chemist of the School of Agriculture at Lincoln. Courtesy of Lincoln University. By the beginning of the 20 th century the School of Agriculture’s role in the field of agriculture was widely acknowledged, but beside this, the school in its formative years had established a place in the local community. This has been an ongoing process as staff came to work and live in Lincoln and to contribute in so many ways in the development of Lincoln Township. Sources and Notes. 1. Lyttelton Times. 16 July 1867. See Papers Past. (Reported as largest & most influential meeting ever held in district). 2. W.G. Gardner 1971, ed. A History of Canterbury Vol. II, p.309. 3. Weekly Press 26 July 1867. 4. Lyttelton Times. 22 October 1868. See Papers Past. 5. The Press. 22 March 1869. See Papers Past. (A.C. Knight worked Newlands farm at Ladbrooks). 60

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