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Fitzgerald's Town

33. Canterbury Times 3

33. Canterbury Times 3 August 1910. 34. The Press 28 July 1888. See Papers Past. 35. The two books by I.D. Blair, Life and Work at Canterbury Agricultural College 1956, and The Seed They Sowed 1978 have been the principal sources for this section. 36. Star 15 December 1888. See Papers Past. Reports a parish meeting at which Mr. Ivey was presented with an ink stand in appreciation of his services to the church community. 37. Ibid 5 October 1882. See Papers Past. 38. Ibid 3 October 1893. See Papers Past. 39. Portrait of W. E. Ivey at Lincoln University 40. Profile of George Gray 41. Retirement of Mr Geo. Grey, F.C.S. Canterbury Agricultural College Magazine. June 1915. 62

DEVELOPING THE INFRASTRUCTURE 22. Springs Road Board transport. Although provincial government had been operating for ten years before Lincoln was established, demands for services from Canterbury settlers were so great that the government had little hope of meeting them with the limited resources at its disposal. A complaint by W.B. Tosswill in 1858 emphasised the difficulties. He informed the Provincial Secretary that the state of the road between Lincoln and Prebbleton was very bad and that several gullies were dangerous, especially on a dark night, and after heavy rain two of them were almost impossible to cross. He argued that since nearly 2,000 acres had been sold during the previous year residents were entitled to have the roads passable before the winter 1 . Fifteen months later C.P. Cox from the Springs Run wrote that since the land on both sides of Springs Road had been sold, the temporary crossings used by settlers had been fenced, with the result that the gullies on the line of the road were all but impassable. Three were especially troublesome, and in particular that known as Prebble’s Gully 63

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