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30. Report of the move

30. Report of the move of the Lincoln Police Station to near the L1 Bridge. The Press. 9 October 1897. Courtesy of Papers Past. According to the report the station was intended to have been built on this site in the first place, but there is no record of this ever happening. There is even some uncertainty as to exactly when the Police Station on the corner of Gerald Street and West Belt was built, although it is thought that it was sometime between 1901 and 1913 when a number of new rural stations were built. 25 The station has been in that location ever since although the old building, incorporating the policeman’s home and the station, was replaced in 1980 by the existing complex. 31. Police station and house, early 20th century. In the early period there were a number of petty crimes. Thus, in 1871, the Lincoln hotel keeper was robbed of some shirts and cotton socks; a man known as Tom stole a pair of moleskin trousers from his employer, a Lincoln farmer. 86

32. Report of an assault at Lincoln. The Star. 10 July 1896. Courtesy of Papers Past. Later more serious crimes involved the theft of 260 pounds from a guest at the Springston hotel, and at about the same time the Lincoln Post Office at the railway station, was entered and a packet containing jewellery was taken. On another occasion a woman was arrested for “sly grogging” and Constable Weatherley of Lincoln was awarded two pounds for his part in the prosecution. An offence with potentially serious consequences occurred after a drunk was put off the Southbridge to Lincoln train. 26 The next day workmen found stones jammed between the points and large pieces of wood lying across the track near Lincoln. The suspect was described as being an Irishman about 23 years old of medium build and clean shaven, and wearing a dark tweed suit and a billycock hat. However, he was never apprehended and brought before the courts. 87

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