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This document contains two DMT-extracting techniques. The “Marsofold Tek” is available in various locations on-line, and uses a standard acid/base approach. The “Noman Tek” does away with the use of an initial acid extraction, and it is considered by some kitchen chemists to be a simpler approach. Marsofold Tek Material Preparation Break one pound of Mimosa tenuiflora [= M. hostilis] root-bark into two-inch pieces and grind it all up in a glass blender, a little at a time. Grind the root-bark to 1 millimeter in diameter or smaller: finer is better. Polar Extraction 1) Pre-mix in an empty one-gallon plastic jug: one pint of white vinegar and 3.5 quarts of water. Put the ground-up Mimosa tenuiflora root-bark in a three-liter crockpot, then fill it with 50% of the water-vinegar solution. 2) Stir well and turn it on the “high” temperature setting. After two hours, remove the crockpot ceramic liner, hold the lid on slightly offset, and pour off most of the liquid into a one-gallon wide-mouthed glass or stainless steel container. 3) Add 50% of the remaining water-vinegar solution to the crockpot and repeat step #2. Then repeat step #2 again with the last of the water-vinegar solution. Squeeze the root-bark fiber to press out any remaining liquid, and then discard the root-bark fiber and save the three combined extractions in the one-gallon container. Allow the particles in the extraction in the one-gallon container to settle to the bottom overnight, then decant off the liquid into an empty one-gallon glass wine jug, being careful not to include any of the sludge at the bottom. Discard the sludge and keep the contents of the wine jug. Basification In advance, mix a solution of 4 tablespoons (50 grams) of sodium hydroxide (lye) with 1 pint of hot water. [Note: Lye is dangerous. Blind-you-forever dangerous. Have a bottle of vinegar handy as an acid to neutralize the caustically basic lye when cleaning up any spills that occur, and wear eye protection and rubber gloves when working with lye. Always add the lye to the water, and not the other way around. Adding water to lye may cause a volcano-like reaction.] Stir well. Slowly add this solution to the wine jug, then cap the jug. Gently tilt the wine jug back and forth for one full minute to completely mix the contents. Nonpolar Extraction Add 200 ml of naptha (VM&P, not lighter fluid) to the wine jug, then cap the jug. Gently tilt the wine jug back and forth for three full minutes to mix the contents. Allow the jug to sit undisturbed on a table for three hours. There should now be two layers visible in the jug, a lower dark one and a smaller clear one on top. Use a glass turkey baster to suck up the top layer, and transfer this into a pint-sized mason jar. Be careful not to suck up any of the lower brown/black layer into the mason jar. Freeze-Precipitation/Wash Place the sealed mason jar in a very cold (-20 C) freezer for three days to precipitate the crystals. Prepare a filter setup by placing a funnel into a quart mason jar and putting a small coffee filter paper into the funnel. Shake the naptha in the mason jar strongly to stir up all the crystals at the bottom and very quickly pour (while still ice cold) into the funnel for filtering. (Save the naptha.) Impure yellow-white DMT crystals will be seen on the coffee filter paper. Allow the crystals to completely dry out on the filter paper in the funnel.

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