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Pour out as much of the

Pour out as much of the Acetone as you can. Letting it drip dry upside down for a few minutes will help. Then sit the glass upright in open air to allow all the left over Acetone to evaporate Give it two to three hours At this point, the crystals may contain some residual Fumaric acid that was deposited when the left over Acetone evaporated To clean the crystals, add 10mL of fresh Acetone per 100mg of Fumaric acid initially used 20mL of Acetone was used here Now gather and grind all the crystals from the sides in as fine a powder as possible Cover the glass and allow a few hours for all the DMT Fumarate particles to settle to the bottom Now pour off the Acetone, being very careful not to lose any product, and let the glass sit in open air to dry. This could take anywhere from a few hours to a few days, depending on the amount and quality of the salt If the salt insists on remaining gooey, you can try oven-drying it for 15-20 mins at 50-75 ºC Once the powder is bone dry it can be collected and weighed Note that it weighs around 1.3 times that of the freebase, which is because the salt is heavier than the freebase You have now successfully created long-life DMT Fumarate! See Part 5, Suggestion 3: Using Salts for a few ideas on what to do with it 20

Part 4: Making DMT Enhanced Leaf There are two main things to consider: the choice of leaf used, and how strong to make it Leaf Choice I’ve had different blends in which the trip varied from electro-psychedelic worlds where all existence is merely energy, underground swamp lands with towering gangrenous insects, and gorgeous sunny days in a earth-like place with a severe psychedelic spin, etc... The overall feel of the experience can be heavily influenced by the leaf, however the age and type of the DMT plant source are also major factors. Here are a few herbs which may be used: (These are just suggestions, experiment away!) Banisteriopsis Caapi: Contains MAOI which can potentiate and lengthen the experience Calea Zacatechichi: Calea is believed to increase dream lucidity and dream recall. Due to the relationship between DMT and dream-like states, Calea may have a positive synergy Heimia Salicifolia: Heimia may increase vision and hearing ability, as well as auditory hallucinations Justicia Pectoralis: The dried herb contains coumarins, which give the blend a smoother taste and a nice smell. There have also been reports that it can "smooth" the trip Turnera Diffusa: Damiana would add a unique smell and taste to any smoking mixture DMT to Leaf Ratio The ratio of DMT to leaf can have a significant impact on the experience. Firstly, the strength of the leaf implies the amount needed to be smoked for full effects. Making a blend too weak is undesirable as you may need to smoke a huge amount to break through. Making a blend too strong is fine for the experienced, but harder to dose for the inexperienced. Furthermore, the less DMT there is in the leaf, the more leaf you need to smoke the more influence the leaf has on the trip. Sometimes this may be exactly what’s desired, and sometimes not. Regardless, careful experimentation is needed to find your pleasant smoking blend. I find a 1:1 ratio of freebase DMT to leaf to be more than strong enough for most people and only a small amount is needed to break through (about a standard level cone). A 2:3 ratio (2 parts freebase DMT, 3 parts leaf – slightly weaker than 1:1) allows a little more forgiveness if a cone is overloaded, and gives the leaf more influence in the experience. This simple formula is used to determine the amount of leaf needed for a desired ratio: W = W × Leaf DMT R R Leaf DMT Where: W Leaf = Weight of Leaf W DMT = Weight of DMT R Leaf = Ratio: Parts of Leaf R DMT = Ratio: Parts of DMT 3 = 5 × = 2 As an example, we will use 5 grams of freebase DMT to make a 2 parts DMT to 3 parts leaf blend: W Leaf 7. 5 So we need 7.5 grams of leaf! 21

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