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Malta Business Review STUDENT PLACEMENT PROGRAMME 2018 MARKS A DECADE OF THE MITA STUDENT PLACEMENT PROGRAMME The MITA Student Placement Programme places students in temporary jobs during the three months of summer. The placements are spread over 11 weeks, based upon 30 hours per week. Last year, the initiative placed over 330 students from over 500 valid applicants, across more than 90 organisations from the private sector, public service, public sector and NGOs. SPP is mutually beneficial to both the student and employer. While this serves as a meaningful working experience to the students, in return they inject creativity and fresh ideas to their work environment. This year, MITA will be moving away from the traditional slots and open the calls for application for both employers and students simultaneously. Following closure of the application stage, MITA will attempt to match potential candidates based on the requirements each employer has listed in their application form from the vast pool of student resources. Employers are then provided with a list of students matching their specific requirements for their consideration. It is the employers who conduct the interview 22 process within a stipulated timeframe, ultimately ensuring the selection of the best resource to best fit their needs. Students eligible to participate need to be studying ICT or related subjects. The minimum entry level is for students who have completed their 2nd year 6th Form (and awaiting examination results), as well as those students who have completed their 2nd year of the Diploma (and awaiting examination results). In both cases, students are requested to obtain written confirmation of this from their respective Educational Institutions. In addition, students studying at the University of Malta, MCAST, and various private institutions are also eligible, subject to studying ICT or related subjects. Eligibility is mainly granted to those studying at the University of Malta, MCAST, Sixth Form and various private institutions which cater for the aforementioned area of study. SPP does not only grant the employer the opportunity for temporary summer student placements but more sustainably, the chance to evaluate the students’ skills and offer them long-term employment in the future. Following the end of the placement, aside from investing in future workforce, the private sector is reimbursed 50% of the students’ salary costs. Organisations from the Public service, Public sector and NGOs will be reimbursed 100% of the students’ salary costs. MITA will reimburse a maximum of 330 hours per student and payments are processed by the end of the year. Similarly, to the previous years of SPP, employers have the possibility to put forward their request for pre-allocations through This year the process has changed for the better with both drivers of SPP in mind. To be able to accommodate as many student applicants as possible, means that all valid employer applicants must also be satisfied. For this reason, the selection process has been revised with more positive changes added to the process. MITA will be holding several information sessions to explain the new setup. These sessions will be held on the 6th and 7th of March 2018 between 9:00 and 11:00 hrs. Interested employers should register their attendance via e-mail indicating the preferred date on, or by calling the contact numbers below. MBR Still hesitant whether to give your organisation and future workforce a chance? Visit MITA’s website for more information or contact Ms Jacquie Cremona Crossey on 2599 2474; Ms Andrea Mallia on 2599 2514 or Ms Adelaide Grixti on 2599 2015. All rights reserved - Copyright 2018

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