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Malta Business Review START-UP OF THE MONTH VAPING ENTREPRENEUR MEET PEDRO THE MAN BEHIND BIG VAPES By John Paul Abela Set up by 31-year-old Pedro Camilleri, the yearold start-up is on a mission to increase a local widespread vaping culture. Vapor Clouds offers the widest variety of products made of guilt-free substitutes and significantly safer for occasional and heavy smokers. With a knack for management, it’s no surprise that the local entrepreneur is the owner of two leading vape shops and other businesses. Pedro Camilleri An entrepreneur since his first foray into the business world selling vaping accessories, Pedro used his little savings to furnish friends’ requests with vaping items. The story began, like so many others, with a vaper taking customisation to the next level by importing and mixing his own liquids, discovering he has a talent for it, and realising he can turn his passion into a profession. In no time Pedro’s business acumen led him to open up a vape shop in Hamrun and Gozo possibly with more to come. I neither underestimate nor worry about competition - existing or in the pipeline - because I have total confidence in this business. Vapor Clouds was launched last year and is proving precocious. The shop is highly regarded for its unique (often exclusive) hardware range, wide variety of liquids and prolific output of its own signature flavours. “Our employees can give you advice to help you make good decisions about vaping and the products associated with vaping because we use them ourselves, and this is all we do. We are not in the business of selling vaping supplies as an addition to our store’s inventory, vaping supplies are all we sell,” explains Pedro. Vapor Clouds has not just hit their stride in the liquid market, but in hardware as well. Vapers come from around the island to get their hands on new hardware. “We source hardware often before anyone else can get their hands on it,” says Pedro proudly, when asked on the secrets to his success. “Hard work and determination are vital ingredients to a successful way forward,” explains Pedro. “We thank all our customers for the ongoing support; we always strive to bring to our customers the best experience possible whilst making constant innovations and improvements to ensure we can achieve a higher level of service - Vapor Clouds is a solid venture and is here to stay. I neither underestimate nor worry about competition - existing or in the pipeline - because I have total confidence in this business. There is always a staff member at the shop floor to deal with customers’ needs as they arise. Our customers are dealt with in an amicable yet professional manner,” continued Pedro. Success does not come easy and running your own business takes a lot of discipline. You cannot run a solo operation and expect your business to survive, without sacrificing most of your social and family life while working yourself to the bone. When you start your own business you have to make choices, some of which will be sacrifices. There are some things you will gain, and some things you will lose. It’s a balancing act, but if you work hard enough, the things you will gain are far more rewarding. MBR All rights reserved - Copyright 2018 40

EDITOR’S CHOICE Malta Business Review Navitimer - black dial and black alligator strap Navitimer - red gold with bronze dial and brown alligator leather strap Navitimer - Chronograph with blue dial and stainless steel bracelet BREITLING’S NAVITIMER 8: A tribute to one of watchmaking's greatest legacies Breitling, famous for its chronographs and its strong link to aviation, has just launched a new pilot’s watch collection: the Navitimer 8. The 8 in its name is a nod to the Huit Aviation Department, which was set up in 1938 to produce cockpit instruments as well as classic pilot’s watches for civilian and military use. At the time, Willy Breitling chose the name “Huit,” the French word for “eight,” as a reference to the eight-day power reserve offered by its storied cockpit instruments. Georges Kern, Breitling’s CEO since the summer of 2017, is particularly excited about the new product line. “With the Navitimer 8,” he says, “we are honoring not only our rich heritage but also our pioneering role in building chronographic instruments. But while the Navitimer 8 pays tribute to our past, it also does something considerably more important. It opens the door to a very exciting future.” The Navitimer 8 – Bridging the Past and the Future The Navitimer 8 family introduces five distinct models that are worthy heirs to watchmaking’s richest aviation tradition, drawing heavily on Breitling’s design DNA and the technical features of the first board clocks and pilot’s wristwatches as well as on the Huit Aviation Department’s commitment to quality. It is also worth noting that Huit Aviation had distinguished itself by putting its products through a series of rigorous challenges. It subjected each instrument to extreme temperatures and vibrations before checking its timekeeping precision with oscilloscopes. The Department’s commitment to quality was rewarded as it immediately attracted the attention of military aviators and, ahead of World War II, received a large order for chronographs from the Royal Air Force. Continuing a Great Tradition Each of the five new models in the collection expresses a design code – conceived down to the minutest detail – with a high recognition value. Guy Bove, Creative Director at Breitling who fully immersed himself in the design of the board clocks and wristwatches created by the Huit Aviation Department, described the inspiration behind the Navitimer 8’s exterior design cues as follows: “With the Navitimer 8, we wanted to create a watch that was in line with our vision for the brand’s future, but which would also pay tribute to the great Breitling watches of the early to midtwentieth century. From a design perspective, it occupies a unique position between Huit’s onboard clocks and the Navitimer.” Resurrecting Design Values The new watches resurrect some of the design values of the Huit Aviation Department’s onboard clocks – especially in terms of the dials and bezels – as well as Breitling’s iconic pilot’s watch, Reference 768, with the rotating bezel and distinctive triangular pointer that made it a favorite among pilots. Just as important were the luminous hands against black dials, a combination that offered easy readability in any lighting conditions, and which also contributed to Breitling’s aviation heritage. The Navitimer 8 watches recall the uncompromising flair of that earlier era. It starts with the eye-catching case: with the typical notches on the bezel, its contrasting satin and polished surfaces and its artfully shaped lugs, it offers – from the very first glance – a compelling blend of sportiness and elegance. For the typography of the large luminescent Arabic numerals on the dial of each new Navitimer 8 model, Guy Bove took inspiration from the style used on the first pilot’s watch models including the Reference 768. The small triangles and the long minute markers in the so-called railway minute tracks also recall those from some of Breitling’s great early wristwatch models, as do the luminescent skeletonized hour and minute hands, the latter’s length being matched precisely to the dial’s indexing. The beveled hands add a degree of sophistication and shine to the dial. Each Navitimer 8 watch is water-resistant to 10 bar (100 meters). Their dials are all visible through sapphire crystals with anti-reflective coating on both sides. The chronographs in the family offer power reserves ranging from 40 to more than 70 hours, depending on the model and movement. MBR Check out the full range of Breitling watches at Edwards Lowell boutiques in Spinola, St. Julian’s and Zachary street, Valletta or on our online boutique All rights reserved - Copyright 2018 41

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