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TO SEE SUCCESS DO THE FOLLOWING: Post everyday or at least every other day. Do NOT post only about Maskcara...people don’t want to follow accounts or friends that SELL! SELL! SELL! This is where your pillars come in. See Business Branding. Engage with other’s pictures by commenting or liking. Commenting is more effective...and be thoughtful. Don’t just comment... “cool”. LOL! Engagement will generate activity to YOUR feed as well as putting you on THEIRS more as well. Post on your Instagram Stories 3-5 times a day.This brings a personal everyday life dimension to your business account. People don’t always see your posts due to algorithims but LESS people do stories so there is an increased chance of someone seeing your posts and maybe interested in your offerings. Challenge yourself to go LIVE at least once a week! People are responding more and more to this social media trend. Therefore, Facebook is promoting it. When creating [MB] content for posts...Don’t just create to create. Each post should share a story, solve a problem, or serve a purpose. think about: Check out Jenna Kutcher’s podcast for #bossbabes Her words literally FUEL the entrepreneur’s fire. 1. Who is this serving? 2. How is it making their life easier, simpler, or bringing them joy? 3. Am I doing it justice? Fully engaging and sharing... not just checking the box. WHAT ABOUT GIVEAWAYS! Always have a purpose as to why you are giving something away. Ask yourself these 3 questions to determine which type of giveaway you would like to do: 1. Am I growing my reach? 2. Am I getting more sales? 3. Am I giving back to my customers? Don’t give it all away, all the time. This majorly devalues the product and attracts people who just wants free stuff. You want genuinely interested customers who will buy.

follow up 7 TIPS & TRICKS TO KEEP IN MIND: 1. Prime with STAY Spray or apply iiiD to a fresh face. (Do NOT apply moisturizer beforehand, if necessary wait 15-20 mins for it to fully soak in. Remember to exfoliate and moisturize regularly! Check out our MILK moisturizer that will have your skin wake up ready! 2. Lightly tap your brush into the tin. A little product goes a LONG way. Start by applying your Contour first where your natural shadows fall, and then place your Highlight everywhere else. If you have a second highlight for extra brightening place that highlight within the triangle of light under eyes. This foundation is designed to be ONE layer. BONUS: Try using Contour color to fill your eyebrows! 3. If you feel like your face is sticky, and your hair is get stuck in your makeup, you have wayyy too much product on! Use a DAMP perfector...see next step. 4. When using your perfector, run your blender under water while continually squeezing under it reaches its maximum size and softness. Then squeeze as much water out as possible. This amazing tool is SO important to use to create a second skin finish. With your DAMP perfector gently press/dab (do not swipe) your blender to pick up excess product while also pressing your foundation into your skin for a longer wear. Apply Blush after using a perfector as it maybe be sitting on top of excess product that gets picked up. Blend that area afterwards if needed. 5. When applying the illuminator you can simply use your finger or your perfector. Can be applied along top of cheek bone, brow bone, cupids bow, along bridge of nose, inner corners of eyes or as an all over quick eyeshadow. 6. Once blended, spray a generous layer of STAY to set your cremes. This creates a protective barrier (also SPF 30 if you choose that option). 7. If you are not a fan of a the “dewy” look, or struggle with oily skin, feel free to set creme’s with vanilla dust or cayman bronzer. Other setting powders like Airspun, RCMA, or Laura Mercier translucent setting powder. Please SHOOT ME A BEFORE & AFTER PHOTO so I can make sure colors are right! if you have any questions, let me know so I can serve you better! Thank you! Your Maskcara Artist

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