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LET’S HIT Elite As a

LET’S HIT Elite As a new Artist, you are put into what is called a training period. During this training period, you are working toward your first $800 in sales and called an Artist HAC-ER. This gives you time to get familiar with the product and get comfortable as an Artist! The $800 includes your kit purchase price, which it makes it SO easy to achieve. This amount is cumulative and does not reset at the end of the month, but it is best if you can hit that goal in your first 30 days of signing up. Then you get to move to your first rank of Elite HAC-ER and you will have access to your commission bonuses beyond your 20% and can start building a team and receiving commissions from your personal downline! The other SUPER AWESOME benefit of hitting Elite rank within 30 days is you can receive a special charm for your Team GG Bracelet called the 30 Day Dash Charm! If you complete your GG BOOT CAMP Training, do your launch party, AND hit Elite HAC-ER rank within 30 days, the charm is YOURS! Talk with your upline to achieve your goals!

launch LET’S LET’S GET YOU LAUNCHED ASAP! Contact your direct upline & schedule your Launch Party! This is such an important part of your business and truly sets you up for success. Having your party within 30 days of signing up is BEST! Your party can be done online or in home - OR BOTH! Your upline will be there helping you every step of the way. She is there to assist in answering guests’ questions and color matching throughout the party. We recommend going LIVE and HACing together to finish off the party! HAC and CHAT baby! Your launch party can be hosted by you and/or your upline, or a Team Gracefully Gorgeous Group party! Group parties happen every so often. Talk to your upline about getting involved in one of these amazing parties and when the next one is scheduled to happen. They have great energy and get people excited! We suggest hosting 2-3 parties a month. This will make your business EXPLODE! tip Team Parties are GREAT to plug into for when you have clients signed up as online hostesses and you can’t go all out every single time! Combine your parties with our team party and simply engage!

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