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HOW TO PARTY! Go to your

HOW TO PARTY! Go to your Back Office and click on the “Resources” tab, or find these videos on the Team Website in the Bootcamp at • Makeover Party Part One - An Overview • Makeover Party Part Two - Entering Customers Orders • Makeover Party Part Three - Hostess Order and Closing your Makeover Party CREATE YOURSELF A CUSTOMER ACCOUNT • This is SUPER important! - Watch video tutorial on Team Website on how to set up yours! • Whether it’s for a hostess or yourself place all orders under a party! If an order doesn’t get placed in a party, it can’t be undone and moved to the party after the fact. ARTIST PARTIES & PAYING FULL PRICE UPFRONT Why should I place personal orders under a party and pay “ full price upfront instead of ordering with my Artist discount? “ How to get the MOST out of your commissions and get FREE PRODUCT! This is an AMAZING perk for Artists! You can create a customer account and "host" your own party and earn hostess rewards off any orders you enter under that party! Which is AMAZING! Store credit (free product!) and 50% off items. Always have an open party in your back office. Any individual orders that are not part of another hostess’ party, are available for you as an ARTIST to claim under your own party as a HOSTESS. When you buy your personal orders full price under a party with you as the hostess: • Your automatic 20% artist discount you would’ve received in the back office will then be in the form of 20% commission in NEXT week’s Friday paycheck! (Essentially a refund.) • Major benefits - you UP your SALES VOLUME (SV) faster AND gain Hostess Rewards! ($$$ FREE MAKEUP)! • We recommend closing out a party at $1,000 to receive maximum rewards and gaining all 4 half off products! • 50% off items can be used on anything except collections. All single items, except for the Clutch.) • Make sure you close out any “open” parties by the end of the month, as the Hostess Order will also count towards your SV. • More information can be found here: When you build these rewards, you can earn product to add to your personal collection, items to use for giveaways, replacement product when your kit stuff runs out, and incentive items for customers or family! It's so, so fun!

WHAT SHOULD I POST? Check out “Louisa’s Facebook Maskcara Party Artist Example” group on Facebook, or our more up-to-date group party example in the “Events” tab on our Team Facebook Page for another “mock party” example! You can have your upline add you to the group. You will find tons of posts and instructions on how to host your own online Maskcara party, as well as tons of fun games and graphics. HOW LONG? INSTAGRAM FACEBOOK You can either perform all posts within one night in a fast paced party (1-1.5 HR) or you could spread it out through a couple of days/week. The fast party seems to be the most popular version and a fave with most clients! The party format can be altered for Instagram. Just create a separate Contour Class account! Then hold the event there! From your personal profile, or business page: Make sure its an “open” party where guests can invite friends. Make your Hostess an Admin. Remind all host’s and attendee’s to turn on post notifications! ENCOURAGE YOUR HOSTESS to post a personal welcome post about why they are interested in (or already love) Maskcara Beauty makeup. Have them share a Before/After photo if they have one, or even do a live HAC video! POST EVERYDAY until the party and on the day of the party post a NOON reminder with the “How to Party” post, and then a 1 HOUR, 30 MINS, & 10 MINS reminder with prompts leading up to the event! INTERACT LIKE CRAZY!!! Answer questions promptly and positively! (Personally invite other Artists in necessary to help boost commenting!) Encourage your Hostess to be active in commenting and liking on all posts during the party. Once the party is closed, add or invite active attendees to your private VIP Facebook group!

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