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PLACING ORDERS • 4 singles get a free Quad Compact FREE • 8 singles get a free HAC Stack FREE • 10 singles get a free Mini Double Decker FREE • 16 singles get a free full size Double Decker FREE • 4 eyeshadows get square compact FREE in the customized palettes section. • 2 pressed powders get square compact FREE under the pressed powders section. watch out for the promotions tab in the cart, that's how you add the free compacts and other deals! --AT THIS TIME THIS IS THE ONLY WAY TO ADD FREE COMPACTS. THEY CANNOT BE ADDED TO THE ORDER AFTER IT PROCESSES, SO MAKE SURE IT IS ADDED!!! tipInputting orders with the product numbers (sheet found on GG Facebook files) or typing the product name in the search bar is super quick and speedy! If you are nervous about taking credit card info, you can: 1. Create an account for the person, enter their order, have them login to that account and put their CC info in, and then you complete the order on your end once that is in! (Note, they will not be able to see their order in their cart on their end.) 2. Have your customer go to YOUR website and place a single item in the cart (or their entire order and have them screenshot and send) and then start the check out process. They will create their account and enter their card information. Then you will then be able to look them up through your back office to place an order for them (hopefully through a party) if they will give you their CVV for their card. Orders usually ship really quickly, but we say 5-7 days to be safe! OOS items are not able to be ordered on back order, they are just unavailable for that time period. You can find tracking numbers under Reports> Sales> Customer Orders in the back office.

SANITATION Because product is being used on multiple people’s faces, sanitation is imperative. Personal brushes should be cleaned once a week. However, when utilizing brushes on multiple faces, cleaning them between clients is necessary. Be aware of each individual client/potential client’s general health and hygiene. If hygiene is compromised you could be responsible for spreading unwanted and unnecessary contaminants. It is your right to refuse to place product on someone who may fall under this scenario. It is also your responsibility to protect future clients from possible spread of contamination. Items you will want in your kit in addition to the Maskcara makeup and products: Towels or paper towels Maskcara Makeup Remover Wipes Restore Sanitation wipes Restore Brush Cleanser for use between clients Rubbing alcohol (70% - 80%) in a fine mist spray bottle A stainless steel mixing palette and spatula (if desired) Lip applicators Mascara wands (or guide your client to bring their own mascara) • Always wash or sanitize your hands between clients. • For the cream products, you can choose to use a spatula to scoop out the product onto a stainless steel palette so you are not dipping used brushes back into the product. Another option is to sanitize the creams and the brushes between clients using the restore wipes. These palettes and spatulas can be purchased on Amazon for less than $10. • For powders, you can choose to use disposable applicators, only dip back into them with a clean brush or applicator, or clean brushes and shadows with alcohol between clients. • Your Perfector sponge is meant to be used damp. You can simply wash it with soap and water between clients, or disinfect with the alcohol and let sit for 3 minutes between use – but then be sure to clean with soap and water after a party. Otherwise, you can purchase disposable sponges and just let clients feel the texture of the Perfector sponge and not actually use it to apply their makeup. • Sanitize your brushes between clients with our amazing Restore Brush Cleaner. You can spray it directly on the brushes, or spray it on a clean cloth and go in circular motions until product is completely removed and then you are ready to apply! KIT VS PERSONAL PRODUCTS Keep your kit sanitary and your appearance professional during makeovers! Your kit is for clients and customers. You should have your own separate makeup for personal use. It is important to keep your kit sanitary. Never touch your products with your fingers, or let customers do so, either.

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