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COLOR MATCHING The best way to learn color matching is to get it on faces! Ask your sisters, aunts, cousins, mom, grandma, neighbors and everyone you know to let you practice on them! This really helps you get a feel for skin tones and application and may get you a new client or two. Other great ways to practice color matching are looking at photos from other artists and trying to guess which colors they put on their models, then scrolling down to look at the caption/comments and see if you're right! ALWAYS, when doing a long distance color match, ask for a foundation-free photo, where the person is facing natural light. It’s best if they stand 3 feet from a big window in daylight. This will help you get the best read on their skin tone so you can match them most correctly! If you're looking for second opinions on color suggestions, post in comments on the monthly color matching thread on Team Gracefully Gorgeous (and tag your upline!). When color matching long distance, some prefer to offer two highlights and maybe skip the illuminator. Color matching isn't a precise science so this gives us a little wiggle room! Or they can have 5 tins and keep their illuminator in the tin it came in. We have a great 30-day return policy if colors don't quite work perfectly! Remember, many people can wear multiple colors or just have different preferences. Also, sometimes we do need different shades depending on the season! Highlights and contours are different consistencies, and for a reason. The contour goes mostly in areas where the skin doesn't move as much and pores are smaller. Highlight has to move with the skin and smooth out larger pores and fine lines because these things exist where highlight is placed on the face. The contour is harder and smoother, the highlight thicker and creamier. 99% of the time when you're having an issue that seems like a texture problem, it is just the wrong shade! Too ashy, flakey, or dry looking: Time to shade DARKER! Too yellow, warm or hard to blend: Time to shade LIGHTER! IIID Foundation stands alone as foundation and does not need a regular foundation under it. It’s made of 4 colors instead of 1 (Highlight, Contour, Cheek color, Illuminator). These 3 colors enhance features, brighten, sculpt and give your face the natural dimension it already has! We have a great printable color matching chart that can also give you great suggestions and tips in the Team Bootcamp under the “Color Matching” section.

PRODUCT KNOWLEDGE Have a good knowledge base of current OOS items and current Artist Specials. Know how to apply these Artist Specials in ways that can maximize your client’s purchase. If a client were to purchase several products, there are several bundles, Collections and Artist Specials that can often be more cost-efficient than purchasing them individually. Familiarize yourself thoroughly with all of these options. Maskcara HQ keeps a list of all new specials and OOS items. Make sure to visit the site before doing a party or makeover so you know what’s current. taxes You are responsible for tracking your own expenditures and income for tax purposes. Maskcara Beauty will provide you with a 10-99 at year’s end as a contracted individual. The rest is up to you. Know your responsibilities as a 10-99’d individual. You WILL be required to pay a tax at year’s end for any income over $600 annually. For links to other helpful supplies, such as ring light recommendations, visit the Team Website. HELPFUL WEBSITES: Information: Maskcara Headquarters: GG Team Website: Charm Incentive Program: Resources: Hostess Rewards: Compensation Plan: Paylutions: HELPFUL CORPORATE EMAIL ADDRESSES TO KNOW: ASK: – for artists to contact and inquire about important information not able to be easily obtained through the Artist’s FB group. HELP: – for customers to inquire about missing product, returns, exchanges, etc. Welcome Packet designed my Priscilla Meairs. Information compiled by various leaders in GG.

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