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Welcome Gorgeous

Welcome Gorgeous Congratulations, you’re an Independent Maskcara Artist! You are now part of an amazing tribe that is so passionate about helping women celebrate their natural beauty. The Maskcara Artist Program is still fresh out of launch, which means that you have joined at ground level opportunity of a rapidly growing company! Smart move, beautiful! As you build your business, you will have tons of support through your team, training, a Maskcara Hotline, and a devoted Maskcara Mentor (your upline!) that will encourage and guide you along the way. Your Artist kit will arrive in two different shipments, within a day or two of each other. One will be your makeup kit and the other shipment will contain your marketing materials. We are so excited to have you on our team! THIS IS A QUICK START GUIDE to set you up for success. You will find lots of info on how this whole “Artist Thing” works, as well as lots of tips and tricks to strengthen your business.

YOU PURCHASED YOUR KIT…SO WHAT NOW? Starting out can be overwhelming. Here is where we take Cara’s advice - just start getting the makeup on people’s faces! It’s that simple. You will see women transform in front of your eyes and you will also get to know our products in the process. We are selling women simplicity and convenience and helping them feel beautiful in their own skin! um, hello, anyone there? WHILE YOU WAIT FOR YOUR KIT TO ARRIVE: FIRST THING! Get connected with the team! Your upline will add you to our private team Facebook group, Gracefully Gorgeous. Post a picture to our wall to introduce yourself! We all want to get to know you! Our group has endless amounts of support, training, and opportunities to connect. As our team member, you get to participate in weekly and monthly motivation, a monthly color match thread, team events, and online group parties! SO MUCH FUN! We have a SPECIAL 24/7 Facebook message group called the... MASKCARA HOTLINE. It’s exclusive for Artist Q+A. Completely optional, but amazingly helpful! Ask your direct upline to add you so you can get plugged in! You will also receive an invite to the large Maskcara Artist Facebook group. This is where Cara and corporate does LIVES and gives updates to ALL Maskcara Artists under Corporate. These LIVES are followed by an emailed newsletter (in the next day or two, so make sure to be there live for important announcements!) Consider turning off this group’s notifications as it will quickly fill up your newsfeed. Instead, focus on our GG group page and join the Maskcara Hotline for extra support! It can be overwhelming to be part of so many groups, so we highly recommend utilizing the “search” option to find answers to questions you may have. Most likely, someone has asked the question in the group before. You can use a simple search of key terms to find answers or opinions on your topic from other Artists.

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