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NOW, DOWNLOAD YOUR APPS! The black app is your Pay Portal! You should receive an email from corporate to get your account set up. Login will be your artist #. You will get paid every Friday the first 20% of your commission from the sales made the prior week. The other 25-40% commission will be paid on the 10th of every month when you hit “Active” status. Active status varies depending on your rank, but for the first few ranks, it’s only $300 in sales volume. You will also receive your downline commission on the 10th of every month. When you get paid, it is sent to the Pay Portal. From there, you will be given the option to build up your balance, transfer to a bank account, or transfer to your Maskcara Beauty specialty VISA card. Automatic transfers are not available at this time. Try to not be overwhelmed! It can feel like a lot at first, and BEWARE your phone might buzz with notifications every 5 minutes, so adjust to your preference. Take everything at your own pace! The white app contains a brief training course provided through Corporate. We mainly use this app to receive notifications for out-of-stock (OOS) items, new product releases, or to know when Cara will be going LIVE on MST. DID YOU KNOW WE HAVE A TEAM INCENTIVE PROGRAM?! aren’t they gorgeous!? GRACEFULLY GORGEOUS CHARM BRACELETS Visit our team website for the deets on how to get yours!

GO EXPLORE Your “back office!” Go to and login with your Artist ID. Your password was assigned to you through initial emails from corporate. This “back office” site is where you can track your sales, ranking, create orders for yourself, customers, and parties, as well as many other artist resources! It is so important that you familiarize yourself with your back office. Click all the tabs and links to see what they do and what info they have. BEGIN TRAINING Head over to Gracefully Gorgeous BOOT CAMP at and strengthen your Artist skills! Get the current password from your direct mentor! Do it within 30 days* and get a special (one time only!!!) charm for your Gracefully Gorgeous Charm Bracelet! um, yes please! Get a complete checklist for the 30 Day Dash Charm in the “Charms” tab on the website! why write your What do you love about Maskcara? Why did you sign? Did you wear our makeup line before or after signing? Write your goals! Where do you want to be in 1 MONTH, 6 MONTH, 1 YEAR?

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