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BRAND, BABY, BRAND Social Media is all about branding yourself! What sets you a part from other accounts? What makes you original? A ton can be said about branding and there are SO many amazing resources to help guide you. Let’s KEEP IT SIMPLE by focusing on these 3 areas! 1 2 3 RELATIONALLY EMOTIONALLY VISUALLY RELATIONALLY tipCreate a content calender every month and schedule your different pillars on rotation. Save yourself some head space pick 3-5 pillars - EX: Lifestyle, Family, Makeup, Self Love, Fitness. Pick 3-5 things that you are passionate about and most interested in. This is the spectrum that almost ALL of your posts should reside in. This is where people who are interested in one or more of those areas will find common ground and feel connected with you. By limiting your overall MINDSET and criteria, this should help create a more focused content plan and business brand. It is VERY IMPORTANT to sprinkle a few family posts throughout your feed because it builds a relationship. 90% of the time people will stop and read your family post or give it a like...increasing your marketing REACH. and plan ahead! >>>

EMOTIONALLY be open. Be vulnerable. Share your thoughts. Share your WHY. Share what Maskcara Beauty means to you. What is your definition of beauty? Share your love for the product from a personal experience perspective, a confidence increase, a gained sisterhood. Sharing deeper thoughts builds trust and AGAIN creates connection. On some level you can tie in Maskcara into something that relates with MOST women. That’s why it’s such a #maskcaramovement. WE get to SHARE this amazing PRODUCT and a MESSAGE that enhances not only a woman’s exterior appearance but also their inner self. Be open. YOU ARE A BRAND NOT A BUSINESS Original content creates more interest than content from Maskcara. It is advised that you have a mix of original and Maskcara marketing materials. You can also use a lot of other artist’s graphics that they create and share. Be sure to get permission first, and if they request you tag them in your post, do it! Be informative, but not overwhelming in your posts. In social media outlets you have an average of 1.8 seconds to create interest. >>>

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