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VISUALLY Your images are

VISUALLY Your images are your portfolio, your first impression... let’s make’em good! pick 3 fonts example - body copy , signature font , BOLD HEADER These can be picked through any graphic building app that you love. Word Swag is a great one! a simple color scheme example - white, blush pink, navy (of course you will have photos that don’t always include all or one of these, but having your images or posts “speak” to each other (especially on your instagram feed) brings visual continuity and shows professionalism. consistent lighting Creating great original post worthy photos can be made using your iphone, taking photos in natural daylight near a window, and editing to reflect true bright color through an app. One app that is great for editing is the ColorStory App. ColorStory tipTypical settings that enhance the lighting are Curves moving the adjusted like shown in the image, Bright, and Contrast. Once saved, open in Instagram and adjust white balance through Warm/Cool scale and maybe additional Contrast or Saturation if some color was lost.

YOU’VE BECOME AN ARTIST! HOW TO ANNOUNCE IT ONLINE! Here is where personality and comfortability come into play. However, over the first year of Maskcara Beauty becoming open to artists, here are some tips we have saw be successful! When you become confident in HACing your face with the right shades and you FEEL like a freakin’ rock star because you have found the holy grail of makeup... Post on your personal profile for the first 10 DAYS! 1. Simply share a GOOD LIGHTING before and after to your profile wall and briefly share your personal experience, why you love Maskcara, the opportunity, and that you said YES to becoming a business owner with a ground floor company that is growing like wildfire! 2. Go LIVE or pre-record a video of you HACing right away (YOU CAN DO IT!) Casually offer color match. 3. Post how it has simplified your makeup collection, bag, or space in general and briefly explain how versatile + quality everything is! Mention the double-ended brushes + perfector! 4. Post before and afters of other women and point out how natural and glowing their afters are and how they still look like their beautiful selves just enhanced. Explain what they need to do in order to be color matched. 5. Explain how Highlight and Contour doesn’t have to be scary or over the top like celebrities portray. Show them that you are applying contour where your natural shadows fall and then apply highlight where it’s not. They are keeping their dimension, rather than a traditional one layer foundation that looks flat. Explain what they need to do in order to be color matched. 6. Showcase our high quality ingredients. Paraben Free, Gluten Free, Cruelty free. Include link on showing our low scores...and is made in America. Most makeup companies are manufactured in China and are required by government to test on animals. Show list of a MAC foundation ingredient list verses ours. 7. Share the fact that we as artists don’t have to carry INVENTORY because our company takes care of orders fast and with FREE shipping sitewide! 8. GO LIVE and HAC again from your car (not driving of course! lol)! 9. Share how LONG our makeup will LAST YOU! 10. Go LIVE and while HACing, share again why you love it, and ANNOUNCE YOUR LAUNCH PARTY! That is going to include a Double Decker Grand Prize and other goodies!

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