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CARLA MINES I am a textile artist who graduated from Winchester School of art as a mature student. My practice is influenced by the human impact on the Earth. My work reflects my understanding of stitch and its potential application and manipulation on a background. At the moment I am responding to the plight of bees. Toxins are locked into their source of sustenance by the use of pesticides. These pesticides affect their immune and navigational systems. I have been experimenting with silk paper, vellum, stitch and wax. These honeycombs remind us that we and our constructions are temporary in relation to the lifespan of the Earth and the processes of nature.

Sacred Geometry Our bees are under threat. I would like the viewer to see the wonder of their structures and realise how fragile they are. It reminds us that we are temporary and how tenuous the processes of nature are that we depend on.

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