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FRAN GRIFFITHS I have been involved with stitch for a very long time - an early memory being making clothes for my cherished Barbie doll. My first foray into quilting was in the 1980's, my second in the mid 1990's, and finally a more consistent foray in the mid 2000's. Since then I have taken lots of workshops and learned lots of techniques. I like the tactility of quilting and the texturing and marks that can be achieved through stitch. I travel a lot and take numerous photos. These form the basic inspiration for my quilts. I like to dye and print my own fabric where possible. My current inspiration is a rainy day in Geneva looking through the car windscreen.

Rainy Day II The inspiration for this work started with photos taken during a very rainy day in Geneva and looking through the windscreen at the distorted shapes, colours and patterns. Subsequent inspiration came from a printing technique by Amelia Leigh. The combination of these two elements, and further exploration, has led to a series of increasingly abstract mono prints, some monochromatic, others with colour. All are printed using thick and thin dyes onto white cotton fabric. Stitch has been added to both echo some of the shapes and emphasise texture

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