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STEPHANIE CRAWFORD My style is mainly pictorial. Ideas for my work come from daily observations of the world around me and from places I visit in my travels, both distant and local. I am often inspired by buildings and townscapes and the activities of everyday life and am especially interested in exploring perspective, light and shadow. I like to create quite detailed pictures, which are very often pure fantasy and in which I aim to leave something for the viewer to fill in, using their own imagination. I usually start with a drawing, which I transfer onto white cotton and then paint with fabric paints. Everything comes together with lots of detailed stitching and I sometimes add more paint or more stitch as seems relevant. Sometimes I use appliqué to create more depth. Most of my work is quite colourful and highly painted, but from time to time I work in monochrome or just add a splash of colour Facebook: Stephanie Crawford for emphasis. Although some of my quilts are ‘one-offs’, I like to work in a series, which might mean a number of small pieces which work together, or a fixed number of larger pieces on a similar theme. I also re-visit some of these themes over time. My recent work is diverging in two directions. Firstly, a collection of observations on shoes, which is lighthearted and intended to amuse. At the same time, I am working on how rubbish is to be found almost everywhere we go and I am making a series of quite detailed pieces which concentrate on a small area and, perhaps surprisingly, can make what I like to think is a pleasing picture. After all, “beauty is in the eye of the beholder”. I give talks and workshops. Please get in touch. Instagram: Stephanie Crawford

Decay and Detritus (where do we go now?) This piece is of no place in particular, but represents any area which has seen better days. I have been thinking a lot about litter and the state of the planet and this lead on to urban decay in particular. The blank wall invites graffiti and the beggar is a sadly common sight these days. The steps coming down from an apparently normal shopping area to end in piles of rubbish and scavenging crows, represents how rapidly things can decline. I have drawn and painted onto wholecloth and added quite a number of appliquéd images to add weight to the quilt. "

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