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Ethics of Islam

Ethics of Islam is taken from the book Berîka by Muhammad Hâdimi. Immorality and ways to get rid of it; 40 depravities and cures to them; usefulness of ethics; what is a soul; strengths of a soul; Personalities emanating from wisdom, courage, chastity and justice are extensively explained.

forefathers had not done

forefathers had not done any of these, today’s generation would not be able to do anything. The saying, “Takmil al-sana’at is through talâhuq-i afkâr” was said centuries earlier. This phrase states that perfection of technology is accomplished by adding and combining thoughts. History shows that Muslims were the sole champions of all sorts of scientific and techonological renovations. It was them who cultivated the scientific erudition and improved the scientific automation to its state in the last century. All this was accomplished through the Islamic religion and through the governments and states who implemented the commandments of Islamic religion. Christians saw that they could not destroy Islamic states by way of crusading onslaught. They accomplished their aim internally through political intrigues, lies, and cheating. They established governments under secular and masonic (irreligious) people in their lands. But they will not be able to destroy Islam. Fitting out the scientific inventions which Muslims left behind with some modifications, these secular and masonic people are trying to get credit for the present advanced state. To forestall Islam’s exposing their wicked intent, people whose only concern is their own sensuous desires, pleasures and advantages try to obfuscate people’s minds by calling Islam a system of regression and covering up the fact that it commands science and arts. All Jews, Christians, and even idolaters, people worldover believe in Paradise and Hell, and churches and synagogues are inundated with theists. Since these casuists do not stigmatize those believers also with regression, what is modernism in their view must be debauchery and immorality, rather than science and arts. The British are the pacemakers of this undeserved and slanderous onslaught on Islam. Please see Confessions of a British Spy, one of our publications! What should devolve on today’s Muslims is to unite, resume their firm grip on Islamic and scientific education, which Islam commands, re-establish their gigantic industries and produce the state-of-the art systems and devices, outmode Christians in all areas, and thereby guide entire humanity to welfare. The substance which constitutes the human body comes from earth, water and air. Living beings are in need of these three sources. When the body rots after death, it decomposes into these three sources again. Life after death will be possible by the composition of these three groups of substance or composition of – 188 –

some materials which are similar to these three groups. Neither the spiritual heart and soul nor angels can progress or attain higher grades. They stay in the same state as they were created. When the spiritual heart and the soul unite with the body, they acquire attributes rendering it possible for them either to make progress or to become a disbeliever or a sinner, in which case the person concerned gets demoted to lower grades and heads for destruction. Every object in the material domain is known by its qualitative attributes. Every object is a composition of elements and molecules. Elements change from one molecule to another and thereby objects lose their homogenous composition and deteriorate and turn into other objects with different qualitative attributes. Even though matter does not cease to exist in these types of changes, objects change over time. They become nonexistent and other types of objects replace their existence. In the early ages matter was called “hayûlâ”. A substance with a shape was called figure (sûrat). Since the spiritual heart and the soul cannot be dissolved into pieces and are not made up of parts they never change, deteriorate or disappear from existence. In physical events, objects do change their shapes or forms. For example, when water receives extra heat, it changes to vapor. It turns from liquid to gaseous state. Liquid form of water disappears and gaseous form of water comes into existence. In chemical reactions, the composition or constitution of a substance changes. The composition which makes up a substance becomes nonexistent while another substance with a different composition comes into existence. In physical phenomena, objects change their forms or shapes but the substances which make up that composition or constitution do not change. In chemical reactions, an object in one form becomes nonexistent and its composition changes. Therefore, matter changes but it never becomes nonexistent. In nuclear reactions, however, matter also becomes nonexistent and turns into energy.] THIRD STEP: The spiritual heart and the soul have powers. These powers are not like the powers of plants or animals. Plants and animals also have souls which are proper for their constitution. Yet the spiritual heart exists only in human beings. Every living creature has a plant soul, which performs functions – 189 –

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