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Islam and Christianity

ISLAM AND CHRISTIANITY This book is written in the nature of a “key” for those Muslim brothers of ours who have just a smattering of knowledge on how the Islamic religion has developed, and it has been written for those non-Muslims willing to know the fundamentals of Islam. Islam, the most up-to-date and the most immaculate of the world’s existing religions, is based upon very humane and very logical principles. Without going into details, this book touches upon the fundamentals of Islam and makes a comparison of Islam with other religions. It answers criticisms raised against Islam by its adversaries and explains as compendiously as possible the qualifications essential for being a good Muslim. For those who would like to read valuable books on Islam written by Islamic scholars (rahimahumullâhu ta’âlâ) after learning the facts contained in this book, we advise that they read books published in different languages by the Hakîkat Kitabevi (Bookstore) in Istanbul. The names of these books are appended to our books. Read this book slowly and with reflection! Encourage others to read it, too! An ignorant person cannot be a good Muslim. Indeed, it is impossible for a person not to attach all his heart to Islam after learning its fundamentals. After reading this book, you will also realize what a lofty, sacred, logical, and perfect religion Islam is, and you will attach all your heart and soul to it in order to attain salvation and repose in this world and in the hereafter. Islam that abrogated celestial religions of Judaism and Christianity along with their validity is explained first. That Qur’an-ı Karîm is word of Allah; miracles of Muhammad ׳alayhissalâm, his virtues, moral practices and habits; how to be a true Muslim; a comparison of Islam and Christianity; that Muslims are scientifically powerful; are explained next.

answers. Some parts of

answers. Some parts of our books, (which are originally in Turkish), have been translated into English, French and German, and spread throughout the world. Another fact we are happy to see is that other Islamic societies know of our books, like our books, and allot portions for commentaries of our books in their publications. We are not boasting about these things. For what we have been doing is to merely read and study the valuable and worldly widespread books written by Islamic scholars, classify them in categories, make comparisons, sift reasonable and logical facts from them, and publish these facts in such simplicity and fluency as will be read and understood easily by everybody. The books we have been publishing contain no additions on our part. We lay these pieces of information, which cost us considerably painstaking and onerous labour, before our reader, thus enabling him to read and learn them with ease. It is up to the reader to draw conclusions from them. Our duty is to prepare this material. And we are doing this willingly, without expecting any worldly returns. We expect the rewads from Allâhu ta’âlâ. Those who read this chapter of our book will learn that the Islamic religion is the only access to knowing Allâhu ta’âlâ and becoming close to Him, that human beings cannot live without a religion, that religion will correct people’s moral attitudes and can never be exploited for worldly advantages and political stratagems, that it cannot be a tool for personal interests and sordid purposes, and that attaining happiness in this world and the next is dependent solely on adapting yourself to Islam. Although Islam is the truest and the most logical religion, very little effort is being made for its spread. The organizations which Christians establish in order to publish Christianity are both numerous and enormous. The book Diyâ-ul-qulûb, published in 1294 [1877 C.E.] and written by Is-haq Efendi of Harput, a valuable Islamic scholar whose books are one of the main sources we have utilized in writing this book and to whom we shall refer later ahead, contains the following information: “The British Protestant society called Bible House, which was established in 1219 [1804 C.E.], had the Bible translated into two hundred and four (204) different languages. By the year 1872, the number of the books printed by that society was seventy million. The money spent for the spread of Christianity by the society was two hundred and five thousand and three hundred and thirteen (205,313) British gold coins, which is equal to forty-five billion – 208 –

Turkish liras according to today’s rate of exchanges, [when a British gold coin cost two hundred and twenty thousand (220,000) Turkish liras].” The society is still active today, establishing infirmaries, hospitals, conference halls, libraries, schools, cinemas and other recreation and sports institutions in many places of the world, and making great efforts to Christianize people who haunt those places. Catholics do not fall behind in these activities. In addition, they entice poor populations towards Christianity by finding jobs for young people and by providing medicinal help. Today, there are some small (Islamic) societies in some Muslim countries such as Pakistan, South Africa and Saudi Arabia, and a few small Islamic centers in European countries and in America. These centers carry on Islamic publications. However, because these centers are supported by a variety of different groups, their publications criticize one another, impair the Islamic unity commanded by our religion, and give rise to separatism. The capacity of our company, IHLÂS, allows only a limited number of young students to read our books. For all the unfavourable conditions, our humble publications are being read all over the world and thereby the number of Muslims on the right path is increasing every year. The number of Muslims, which was only one-third that of Christians a hundred years ago, is almost half their number today. For Muslims are faithful to their credal tenets and raise their children with an Islamic education. In contrast, younger generations in the Christian world see that Christianity is in counterpoint to recent scientific improvements and modern technical findings, and become convinced atheists. Communist states, on the other hand, annihilate and prohibit religion altogether. In some of them, e.g. in Albania, under an excessively communistic regime, [1] religions are presented as objects of derision in public places called ‘Museums of Atheism’. It is a fact reported in British publications that the number of atheists in Britain, where most of the aforesaid gigantic Christian organizations are located, is already thirty per cent of the entire population. Then, what is the reason for this ever-increasing appreciation for our publications versus the ineluctable sinking of Christianity despite all the efforts contrarywise? The reason is obvious. Islam [1] The communistic regime has been overthrown now. – 209 –

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