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Islam and Christianity

ISLAM AND CHRISTIANITY This book is written in the nature of a “key” for those Muslim brothers of ours who have just a smattering of knowledge on how the Islamic religion has developed, and it has been written for those non-Muslims willing to know the fundamentals of Islam. Islam, the most up-to-date and the most immaculate of the world’s existing religions, is based upon very humane and very logical principles. Without going into details, this book touches upon the fundamentals of Islam and makes a comparison of Islam with other religions. It answers criticisms raised against Islam by its adversaries and explains as compendiously as possible the qualifications essential for being a good Muslim. For those who would like to read valuable books on Islam written by Islamic scholars (rahimahumullâhu ta’âlâ) after learning the facts contained in this book, we advise that they read books published in different languages by the Hakîkat Kitabevi (Bookstore) in Istanbul. The names of these books are appended to our books. Read this book slowly and with reflection! Encourage others to read it, too! An ignorant person cannot be a good Muslim. Indeed, it is impossible for a person not to attach all his heart to Islam after learning its fundamentals. After reading this book, you will also realize what a lofty, sacred, logical, and perfect religion Islam is, and you will attach all your heart and soul to it in order to attain salvation and repose in this world and in the hereafter. Islam that abrogated celestial religions of Judaism and Christianity along with their validity is explained first. That Qur’an-ı Karîm is word of Allah; miracles of Muhammad ׳alayhissalâm, his virtues, moral practices and habits; how to be a true Muslim; a comparison of Islam and Christianity; that Muslims are scientifically powerful; are explained next.

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printed. It was later translated into European languages, and printed and published in every country. British newspapers wrote that spreading of the book would cause irreparable harm to Christianity. Abd-ul-hamîd Khan II ‘rahmatullâhi ’aleyh’ (d. 1336 [1918 C.E.]), Muslims’ Khalîfa, invited the great scholar once again, in the blessed month of Ramadân in 1304, and hosted him with deep respect and generous kindness in his palace. Rahmatullah Efendi passed away in Mekka-i-mukarrama in the month of Ramadân in 1308 [1890 C.E.]. In addition to all these books, we have studied books written about the Qur’ân al-kerîm by Western orientalists in the previous century. Then we have reached the conclusion that an unbiased comparative study of these two holy books will reveal which of them is the Word of Allah with such indisputable clarity as cannot be denied by the most obstinate person regardless of his religious background. We have arranged this chapter in six divisions. The first three divisions deal with the Qur’ân al-kerîm and the existing copies of the Torah and the Bible, as we have stated above. The last three divisions are dedicated to our Prophet Muhammad ‘alaihis-salâm’, his miracles, virtues and beautiful moral qualities. The information contained in these divisions have been borrowed from a history book in Turkish, namely Mir’ ât-ikâinât, written by Nişanc›zâde Muhammad Efendi ‘rahimahullâhu ta’âlâ’, a renowned Islamic scholar. He passed away in 1031 [1719 C.E.]. His book was published in 1269 [1853 C.E.]. We hope that our dear readers will read this chapter of our book with deep interest and will benefit from the information provided. May Allâhu ta’âlâ bless us all with true guidance. May He keep us all on the right path. Âmîn. Do not annoy others, and others will not annoy thee; Deceive no one, and no one will deceive thee. Water from Islam’s enemy will never satiate thee; Nor will the disbeliever, be him fire, a bit burn thee. Keep on the right way, Allah will not embarrass thee! Harm of all sorts come to thee from thee; Thy own evil thoughts, alone, will defame thee. The dweller is what gives a dwelling its dignity; Islam is the only source that will guide thee. Keep on the right way, Allah will not embarrass thee! – 86 –

All worldly existence is transient, nothing stays forever, Worldlies are all worthless, sorrow about them never. Abide by the right path, then you’ll be safe forever; Be faithful to Haqq, [1] and enemy can harm thee never. Keep on the right way, Allah will not embarrass thee! To subdue someone, never consult to cruelty; Of thy friends, misconduct will deprive thee. Never humiliate thyself, nor backbite the absentee; Be true, and work, Allah will reward thee. Keep on the right way, Allah will not embarrass thee! Allah, the Eternal, if He wishes, protects thee. Even if the enemy mars the Believers’ chastity; As the saying goes among the Muslim community, What brings the reward is one’s pious activity. Keep on the right way, Allah will not embarrass thee! Doff that sordid hypocrisy, and don pure sincerity, Don’t be a blabbermouth, and never talk indiscreetly. Perfect as you might be in hiding your hypocrisy, From Haqq ta’âlâ, the Omniscent, none can be done in secrecy. Keep on the right way, Allah will not embarras thee! [1] Allâhu ta’âlâ. – 87 –

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