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Islam and Christianity

ISLAM AND CHRISTIANITY This book is written in the nature of a “key” for those Muslim brothers of ours who have just a smattering of knowledge on how the Islamic religion has developed, and it has been written for those non-Muslims willing to know the fundamentals of Islam. Islam, the most up-to-date and the most immaculate of the world’s existing religions, is based upon very humane and very logical principles. Without going into details, this book touches upon the fundamentals of Islam and makes a comparison of Islam with other religions. It answers criticisms raised against Islam by its adversaries and explains as compendiously as possible the qualifications essential for being a good Muslim. For those who would like to read valuable books on Islam written by Islamic scholars (rahimahumullâhu ta’âlâ) after learning the facts contained in this book, we advise that they read books published in different languages by the Hakîkat Kitabevi (Bookstore) in Istanbul. The names of these books are appended to our books. Read this book slowly and with reflection! Encourage others to read it, too! An ignorant person cannot be a good Muslim. Indeed, it is impossible for a person not to attach all his heart to Islam after learning its fundamentals. After reading this book, you will also realize what a lofty, sacred, logical, and perfect religion Islam is, and you will attach all your heart and soul to it in order to attain salvation and repose in this world and in the hereafter. Islam that abrogated celestial religions of Judaism and Christianity along with their validity is explained first. That Qur’an-ı Karîm is word of Allah; miracles of Muhammad ׳alayhissalâm, his virtues, moral practices and habits; how to be a true Muslim; a comparison of Islam and Christianity; that Muslims are scientifically powerful; are explained next.

een examined, corrected,

een examined, corrected, altered, amended and, in short, changed from one shape into another by various councils and synods. Can the Word of Allah be corrected? Since the Qur’ân alkerîm was revealed up to our time, not a single letter in it has been changed. As we shall see in the division allotted to the Qur’ân al-kerîm, no effort has been spared to accomplish this end. That the Qur’ân al-kerîm has not been changed until now is a fact which the most bigoted Christian clergymen acknowledge, though with fierce jealousy. The Word of Allah will be so! It will never change. Let us see what Christian theologians and scientists say on whether today’s Gospels are the Word of Allah or manmade: Dr. Graham SCROGGIE, a member of the Moody Bible Institute, makes the following observation on the seventeenth page of his book ‘Is the Bible the Word of God?’: “Yes, the Holy Bible is man-made. Some people deny this for reasons I do not know. The Holy Bible is a book that was formed in the human brain, which was written by the human hand in the human language, and which bear entirely human characteristics.” Kenneth Cragg, a Christian theologian as he is, states as follows: “The New Testament part of the Holy Bible is not the Word of Allah. It contains stories told directly by people and events narrated by eye-witnesses. These parts, which are sheer human language, are being imposed on people in the name of the Word of Allâhu ta’âlâ by the church.” Theology Prof. Geiser says, “The Holy Bible is not the Word of God. Yet it is still a holy book.” There were even popes among the people who were opposed to some Biblical tenets, i.e. Trinity. One of them, Pope Honorius, rejected the tripartite deity, which caused him to be anathematized forty-eight years after his death, by the council that convened in Istanbul in 680. On the other hand, the Gospel written by Barnabas, who was one of the Apostles of Îsâ (Jesus) ‘alaihis-salâm’ and who had accompanied Paul in his journeys intended to promulgate the Christian religion, was immediately made away with, and the fact that was written in it, “Îsâ (Jesus) ‘alaihis-salâm’ said, Another Prophet, whose name is Muhammad ‘sall-Allâhu ta’âlâ ’alaihi wa – 92 –

sallam’, will come after me, and he will teach you many facts,” was hidden by the bigoted Christians. This means to say that the decision that we and the Western men of knowledge reach about the Holy Bible is this: The Holy Bible is not the Word of Allah. The real Torah and the real Bible, which were the Word of Allah, have been turned into an altogether different book each. In today’s Bible, alongside the statements that can be considered to be the Word of Allah, there are many statements, reasonings, superstitions and tales that were added by other people. Especially those passages referring to tripartite godhead are fallacies that run quite counter to the essential belief in the Unity of Allah and to people’s common sense. As the Torah and the Bible were being translated into Greek and Latin, the Roman and Greek idolators, who had been accustomed to worshipping many gods until that time, would not be contented with one god and missed for their polytheistic practices. According to some scholars, the reason why the original Biblical credo ‘Unity of Allah’ was bred into ‘Trinity’ during the process of its translation into Greek was that the Greek people were adherent to Plato’s philosophy. The Platonic philosophy would divide everything into three. For instance, good manners were based on three sensory forces: Morals, reason, and nature. And nature, in its turn, was divided into three: plants, animals, and humans. Essentially, Plato thought that there was one creator of the world, yet he ascribed two possible assistants to the creator. This gave birth to the dogma of ‘Trinity’, which is acknowledged by a number of historians. However, as you will see further ahead, many verses of the Torah and the Bible confirm the fact that is stated, for instance, in the twenty-second verse of the forty-fifth chapter of Isaiah, “... for I am God, and there is none else.” Even today’s copies of the Holy Bible reject the dogma of ‘three gods’ that was forced into them. It is argued also that ‘Trinity’ was an error of translation. Upon seeing that the dogma of ‘Trinity’ is gradually losing its credibility especially in the minds of younger generations, the Christian church is fumbling for other connotations for the words ‘Father’ and ‘Son’, and thus trying to make a soft landing on the belief in ‘One Allah’. Later on we shall dwell on this matter of translation. Despite the established fact admitted by many Christians that today’s copies of the Torah and the Bible are not the Word of – 93 –

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