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Islams Reformers

The bigotry of the religion reformers or bigots of science who surfaced lately to blame all previous scholars, basic fundamental beliefs or practices

other words, as women

other words, as women feel that exposing certain parts of their body is being something observed with indifference, they begin to expose their other parts as well. In process of time their former immodesty turns into a degree of modesty looked on as unnaturally conventional. This coactive spreading of the gradual slackening in the measures of dressing among women is evidently for reasons other than the professed purposes such as physical convenience and airing. Any degree of unveiling, whether suddenly or slowly, may be a step taken towards moral corruption. Even this immodesty, with which men partly satisfy voyeuristic desires with women, is dissipation itself. The examples showing that women’s exhibiting themselves to men and living in mixed societies give way to fornication, immorality, home ruining, family disasters and deaths, are encountered frequently. Islam does not say, “Do not talk with women or girls! Do not amuse yourselves with them! Live without women like priests.” Islam says, “Do not seduce your neighbor’s wife or daughter; do not tear their modesty veils; do not ruin homes; marry the girl you like; amuse yourself with her freely, comfortably and as you wish.” In order to make a girl happy, it commands to work, earn and marry early when young. It is seen with regret that women’s dancing with other men, or being exchanged as partners in balls, does not bring her to ease, nor encourage her to work but ruins her home. The balls, which have arisen against the man-woman relations’ remaining only between wife and husband and done in order to embody mixed and unlimited relations, began to take the place of the assemblies of nikâh in Islam, with the difference that Muslims’ nikâh announces that a certain man and a certain woman come together, while in the society balls, many men and many women, married or unmarried, are announced to approach one another at random. Islam permits a man and a woman’s coming together only after (the Islamically prescribed marriage contract called) Nikâh. If the woman, like in society life, is given the freedom of living with other men, her male relatives and husband will be jealous and suffer the pangs of conscience, and it gives way for the husband to amuse himself with innumerable other women. Who on earth does not know or understand this? Though the so-called primitive and reactionary men desire this pleasure very well, the pangs of conscience brake and stop them. Loose-willed men who could not stand against the desires of their nafs have broken this – 100 –

ake of the conscience under the pretext of being civilized and advanced and dived into the so-called social life, which is very sweet to them. Those who run after their sensual desires spread this life quickly. Some people consider this life “advancement”, while others evaluate it as “following nature”. However, Islam points out the way of living which is most suitable with nature. Islam, though the most natural religion, departs from nature on occasions when human nature departs from virtue. It sides with virtue. Whether it is called a civil right or a return to nature, and no matter how much it is praised, the most evident cause of this current and the power which drags it along are lust and pleasure. If society men did not think of their own mutual pleasures but intended to give women rights and freedom instead, they would not want to exchange their wives. It must be for this reason that some male feminists, when they understand that they cannot take advantage of someone’s wife or daughter, do not allow their own wives and daughters not only to talk to him but also to show themselves to him. It can be understood very well that those who offer their wives and daughters to other men at balls and night clubs are the ones who sacrifice them for better posts. If attention is paid to those men who want women to be given rights and freedom more than women want, they are the people who seek for diving into the odorous, soft gatherings of women who swarm in the halls and overflow into the streets and for amusing themselves easily with others’ wives. These wretched people cannot think that other men also will freely attack their wives, daughters and sisters. Or, being in ecstacy with these pleasures and flavours, they forget about this excruciating harm, or they do not hesitate to sacrifice them for their amusements and lusts. In society life, those men who gain much satisfaction and little loss are the ones who do not have young women among their relatives beautiful enough to be looked at. Among the main reasons why men want women to be given freedom are such deceitful and egoistic reasons. There may be some people to say that we write excessively on this subject. But this is the home truth of the matter; for this idea has not come to women brought up in Muslim countries out of admiring men’s progress in knowledge and science. Such a desire for freedom has not been seen in the women of honest men who have high posts in knowledge and science. If men had not fallen into the life of amusement and dissipation, there would not have been women who want this kind of freedom. Nor would there have been men – 101 –

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