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Islams Reformers

The bigotry of the religion reformers or bigots of science who surfaced lately to blame all previous scholars, basic fundamental beliefs or practices

emember our own sins and

emember our own sins and think of the punishments that will be given to us in case our faults and sins are not forgiven! It is harâm to find fault with, to slander or backbite (ghîba) anybody, which is a graver sin for us than their sins. Allâhu ta’âlâ loves those who have patience, do goodness, give service to and advise others, and who have soft words and smiling face and do favours. He does not love those who admire themselves. We should do the good things Allâhu ta’âlâ likes! We should be sweet-tempered. Harsh treatments and punishments are the government’s duties. A Muslim does not hurt anybody with his tongue or hand. It is a sin to hurt anybody and arouse fitna. And causing fitna is a graver sin. It does not befit a Muslim to sin. He obeys the State and laws. He does not violate any law. He is an honourable person who wins everybody’s love and regard. The Hanafî ’âlim Khair ad-dîn ar-Ramlî wrote in the subject of “Nafaqa” in Al-fatâwâ’ al-khairiyya: “It is wâjib for the husband to have the wife live in a house he owns or rents. The husband who does not supply the wife with nafaqa (livelihood, means of subsistence) is to be imprisoned. The house should be among the neighbors who are sâlih. These neighbors help the woman in her religious and worldly affairs and prevent the husband’s oppression. The house should contain a kitchen, a toilet, a bathroom and rooms. Anyone whom the wife does not approve cannot live in this house. If the husband escapes or disappears and does not supply her livelihood, the wife applies to the court for nafaqa. She cannot demand separation from the husband. The judge determines the amount of alimony according to the customs and tells her to borrow that amount of money from her rich relatives, to whom he orders to lend her. He imprisons those who will not lend her. The court finds the husband and has him pay the lender. Because the husband has committed a grave sin, he is also punished with ta’zîr. If the wife, seeing her husband’s escape and fearing that he will not give nafaqa, applies to the court demanding him to appoint a guarantor, the judge orders him to appoint a guarantor. If the husband does not escape and does not bring the nafaqa, the judge determines the nafaqa, that is, the amount of [money for] food, clothes and rent and makes him give it to her every month. A man who owns (the amount of) nisâb [1] and has to pay zakât must give the nafaqa of the (wife even if she is) rich. If the woman proves with two witnesses that her husband [1] Border of richness dictated by Islam. Please see Endless Bliss, V, 1. – 110 –

has fled and has not left nafaqa, the Shâfi’î judge abolishes the nikâh. After the ’idda (length of time within which a woman may not remarry), she may marry another man according to the Hanafî madhhab. If, later, the husband turns up and proves that he has left nafaqa, it will be overruled. Nafaqa is not given to the woman who is obstinately disobedient or who is told that she has been divorced.” Yet, it is not easy to divorce the wife and to demolish her home and happiness. He wrote in the subject of “Nikâh”: “If a father has given his adolescent daughter in marriage to a man without taking her permission, and if she does not accept it when she learns it, the nikâh is not sahîh. She is to be believed if she says, ‘I refused when I heard.’ ” The passages above show that the Muslim woman is not a toy in the hands of the man and that women’s rights are under the guarantee of the state. 41 - The reformer says: “Woman is not a creature whom man will use as he wishes or dismiss whenever he wants. According to the will of Allâhu ta’âlâ, who wishes people to be happy in this world and in the next, we should set rules for matrimony. Though Europeans have prohibited having more than one wife, many of them have a few illegitimate wives or mistresses.” Polygamy is one of the reasons why European progressives or imitators attack Muslims. The fact, however, is that whereas Muslims marry up to four women, Europeans cohabit with several women. Islam has laid conditions for marrying up to four. Not everybody can fulfill these conditions. For this reason it is limited for Muslim men to marry more than one and it is the lot of very few people. Besides, it is not a command but a conditional permission. It is seen that in places where it is forbidden to marry more than one woman, prostitution and adultery increase. Its unpleasant effect on women is the main reason which religion reformers put forth why they speak ill of marrying more than one woman. They also say that marrying more than one causes an increase in population. The word that this increase is peculiar only to hot climates and the assertion that sexual power decreases in those whose brains function are ideas incompatible with observation and reason. In fact, when we observe the reasons for the propagandas based on women’s rights and freedom in cold countries that are said to be civilized, voluptuous desires for women appear from under the masks. – 111 –

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