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Islams Reformers

The bigotry of the religion reformers or bigots of science who surfaced lately to blame all previous scholars, basic fundamental beliefs or practices

Though it is obvious

Though it is obvious that the imitators of Europe amongst us run after their sexual desires in this respect, their real aim, principle purpose, is to attack Islam; this can be understood from every statement they make. Their idea of giving rights to women or freeing sexual, bestial desires remains secondary; it is seen that they strive with all their forces to annihilate Islam by attacking the rules and even the permissions peculiar to Islam and to bring into their place the immoralities of Europeans and Christianity. See how Ziyâ Gökalp, a very insidious, clever religion reformer working behind the curtain of Turkish nationalism outpoured his venom in his poem “Din ve Ilm” (Religion and Knowledge): “As long as the woman is incomplete, this life will remain deficient! So that the structure of familly be suitable with justice, Betrothal, divorce, inheritance; in these three equality is a must! As long as a girl is a half man in heredity and one-fourth in matrimony, Neither the family nor the nation will advance.” As he attacks the Qur’ân and salât in his other writings so in this poem of his he attemps to blemish Islam under the cloak of women’s rights. The progressives insist on that woman and man should be equal. Why don’t they correct the anatomical and physiologic inequality which Allâhu ta’âlâ has made! A cock directs eight to ten hens. But two cocks cannot stay together in a flock of fowls. This is the same with almost all kinds of animals. People who live on breeding sheep keep two or three rams in the flock and slaughter or sell the others. Equality between man and woman does not exist in every respect. Woman can ifluence man only with her attractive power on man. She is always inferior to man in many ways. In every place of the world, woman wants to adorn herself. No matter how much cherished they are, they are in the position of belonging to others like a precious thing. Women, who cannot sacrifice the desire of looking pretty for anything, consider themselves as rewards for men or for those who are chosen from among men. The rights given to them in some countries, for example, their equality with men, cannot remove the defects in their creation. Though man’s brain is bigger and heavier than woman’s, women in villages work as much as or even harder than men. Yet these labours have not rendered them dominant or ruling. It has been – 112 –

declared in the Qur’ân that men are superior to women. Allâhu ta’âlâ has created men stronger than and dominant over women. Parents mostly want a baby-boy. This indicates that man is a support, a power in life, and women is a deficiency. Women, no matter what she does, can have only one child in a year. Here, man’s activity is without limits. A man can have as many children as the number of his wives in a year, and the father and mothers of these children are known. In respect to bringing up children, a man is sort of equal to hundreds of women. Furthermore, the number of girls born is bigger than that of boys. Wars decrease the number of men more. And sometimes, where men are reluctant to marry, the number of women is thousands more than men. We often read in newspapers that this is so. For example, the report from the daily Türkiye of Rajab alfard 3, 1393 (August 2, 1973) Thursday issue said: “According to the vital statistics prepared in the United States, women live longer than men. “Statistics show that the female population is 2 million more than the male population and that, of the people aged 25 and above, women are more than men. “According to the statistics of the world population, for 1000 men of age 65 and above, there corresponds 1275 women; in 1980, in this age group, there will be 1500 women for 1000 men, and this unequillibrium will go further because of more increase in the female population. Two-thirds of the women aged 65 and above are widowed, and the ratio of widows to widowers is 3. During 1950-1960, the number of widows made a rise of 17.7 percent, while the number of widowers made a fall of 2.4 percent. “Again in the United States it is estimated that newly born baby-girls die seven years later than baby-boys among all who die in childhood. The reason is that the possibility of death of the prematurely born baby-girls is 50 percent less than that of such baby-boys. Within the first month after birth, the death of babyboys is 50 percent more than that of baby-girls. Of the babies that die within the first age, 75 out of 100 are boys. “During the period of growth, girls grow more rapidly, begin to speak earlier and, up to a certain age, develop more quickly than boys. The ratio of boys to girls who die between the ages of 5 and 9 is 2. Between the ages of 10 and 19, this ratio is 1.45. “In all age-groups, the number of men who have heart-disease is more than that of women. In the critical period of the ages – 113 –

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