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Islams Reformers

The bigotry of the religion reformers or bigots of science who surfaced lately to blame all previous scholars, basic fundamental beliefs or practices

“Islam rejects a

“Islam rejects a religious bigotry that bears the meaning of hatred against other religions.” He disgraced it with bigotry to dislike unbelievers. Hadrat Muhammad Ma’thûm wrote in the twenty-ninth letter of his Maktûbât, “It has been clearly commanded in the Qur’ân to dislike unbelievers, to be hostile against them by heart, to treat the people of dâr al-harb severely and to fight with them. There is no place for doubt in this. It is fard for us to adapt ourselves to the Qur’ân.” We should do justice to dhimmîs, the unbelievers in a Muslim country, and we should not hurt them. Sayyid Qutb regarded the unbelievers in dâr al-harb like those in a Muslim country. He wrote again in the same book: “Islam is not a religion to be imposed upon people by force. It does not urge anybody to accept the religion by force.” On the contrary, jihâd is intended to make Allâhu ta’âlâ’s human creatures accept Islam by annihilating cruel dictators who prevent them from becoming Muslims. Those who believe become real Muslims and those who do not become Muslims but surrender become dhimmîs. Allâhu ta’âlâ commanded the jihâd in order to force His human creatures to accept Islam and in order to rescue them from Hell by force. It is declared in the 94th âyat of the sûrat an-Nisâ’, “Those who perform jihâd against the enemies of the religion by sacrificing their wealth and lives in order to spread Allâhu ta’âlâ’s religion are higher than those who sit and worship.” Jihâd and ghazâ are the two forms of al-amru bi’l-ma’rûf by using force against unbelievers. Jihâd is performed not by individuals but by the State. Again, in the book World’s Peace and Islam, Sayyid Qutb wrote: “In no period has Islam’s aim in war been to force people to admit Islam. It is impossible to see such a compulsion either in Islam’s theoretical principles or in its historical process. Unlike what the ignorant who do not know Islam and the enemies of Islam suppose, Islam has never been disseminated through sword. War, which is not within the religion’s nature, has never been used as a means for invitation to the religion.” Sayyid Qutb reversed the meaning of jihâd, which is openly ordered in the Qur’ân and Hadîth and unanimously defined in millions of books and countlessly exemplified in every Muslim nation’s history. His description is as surprising as saying white to – 186 –

e black and is never believable to any Muslim or to any educated person. It is said either by an uneducated, ignorant person, an idiot or by the persons of the false religion called Qadîânism (Ahmadiyya), which has been founded by the British in India and which has nothing to do with Islam. [1] When explaining the seventy-third and following âyats of the sûrat an-Nisâ’, he, too, had to write the truth as communicated by the Ahl as-Sunna scholars. He wrote: “A Muslim goes to war in order to fight in the way of Allah, to exalt Allah’s Word and to make Allah’s order prevail in the human life. Then he gets killed in this way and becomes a martyr. Jihâd is necessary all the time. It is an element that walks together with the Divine Invitation,” and quoted the hadîths encouraging to perform jihâd. On the other hand, in the interpretation of the âyat, “If they turn away from tawhîd and migration, catch and kill them wherever you find them,” he again pushed his own ideas forward: “Non-Muslims shall not be forced to admit Islam. They shall never be disturbed on account of their religion. Islam does not invite non-Muslims to itself by force. This religion does not force others to admit it,” thus slandering Islam and denying what he had written on the previous page. Interpreting the 100th âyat well, “He who migrates for the cause of Allâhu ta’âlâ will find abundance and spaciousness on the earth. If he dies on the way, Allah will give him His reward,” he wrote the truth that it was wâjib for those Muslims who remained in a country of unbelievers to migrate to dâr al-Islâm. It is understood that they should migrate to the Muslim country and should not incite sedition (fitna) by opposing the non-Muslim state. Sayyid Qutb calls this incitement “jihâd”. However, ‘jihâd’ means ‘the Islamic State’s fighting with its army, with all its modern weaponry and methods of war against non-Muslim states to rescue people from unbelief and torture’. The jihâd of Muslims living in non-Muslim countries does not mean ‘opposing individually the non-Muslim state’s forces’ but it is carried out, within the limits of the laws, by spreading Islamic knowledge by trying to tell everybody Islam’s value and uses and by representing the beautiful morals of Islam. Hadrat al-Imâm ar-Rabbânî wrote: “When going out to fight against unbelievers, one has to intend to spread the Name and Religion of Allâhu ta’âlâ and to weaken the enemies of the [1] Please see Endless Bliss, II, 36 for detailed information about the Ahmadiyya Movement and other heresies. – 187 –

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