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Islams Reformers

The bigotry of the religion reformers or bigots of science who surfaced lately to blame all previous scholars, basic fundamental beliefs or practices

Again in World’s Peace

Again in World’s Peace and Islam, he wrote: “Peace and order in Islam means the practice of Allah’s Word (Will), which means the establishment of justice and safety among the entire humanity.” Islam provides for peace and order in dâr al-Islâm. For this, it is sufficient for Muslims and dhimmîs in dâr al-Islâm to obey Islam’s commands and prohibitions, since peace and order can be maintained only by following the commands and prohibitions of Allâhu ta’âlâ. Those who do not follow them are brought to the right course with the chasticements which, again, are dictated by Islam. Muslims do not fight for the comfort, peace and ease of the unbelievers in dâr al-harb. In fact, unbelievers can attain peace and order not through war but by embracing Islam or by accepting to pay the jizya. Wherever the Qur’ân is obeyed, peace, ease and justice happen by themselves. It is for this reason that Allâhu ta’âlâ bestowed Islam on His human creatures. Muhammad’s (’alaihi ’ssalâm) prophethood is His compassion for all human creatures. Therefore, Muslims perform jihâd in order to make unbelievers attain peace and ease through this unique way. They sacrifice their lives and wealth in order that all the people on the earth may be honoured by being Muslims. Allâhu ta’âlâ declared that He has created all human beings so that they become Muslims. He commands all of them to become Muslims. He promises that He will give great blessings in the Hereafter to those who perform jihâd for this salvation of His human creatures. The spread of His Word means the spread of Kalimat at-tawhîd, thus jihâd means the spread of Kalimat at-tawhîd, that is, îmân. The only way of providing people with justice, peace, order and safety is the spreading of Kalimat at-tawhîd all over the world. World’s peace can be established only by doing so. It was declared in a hadîth quoted in As-siyar al-kabîr, “I was commanded to fight with people. I will fight until they say, ‘Lâ ilâha illa’llâh,’ ” Ibn ’Âbidîn wrote in ad-Durr al-mukhtâr: “Jihâd is intended to call all people to îmân, and for the state to fight against the dictators who prevent them from hearing and admitting this call. The individual’s Jihâd is to help the Islamic army by praying and giving all sorts of material and mental support. Jihâd is fard kifâya. It is fard ’ain for all Muslims including women and children to help the State when the enemy attacks. If there is sufficient money in the State’s treasury, collection of money or property from the people is makrûh tahrîma; if the State’s money does not suffice, it is permissible to – 190 –

ask for the people’s help.” Any help collected by force should be payed back later. It is fard kifâya for Muslims to make and use in jihâd all kinds of weapons that unbelievers have. In the last decades of this century, unbelievers have been making cold war through every kind of publication and propaganda and ceaselessy attacking Islam, mainly for the purpose of misleading the young people. Muslim men should make atomic bombs, rockets, jet planes and electronic apparatuses on the one hand, and on the other hand they should stand against the psychological warfare conducted by unbelievers. They should teach the superiority, the uses of Islam to Muslims, to Muslim youngsters by means of books, magazines, newspapers, radios and motion pictures both within the country and abroad. For doing this, they should learn both religious and scientific branches of Islamic knowledge. Of old, scientific knowledge also used to be taught in Islamic madrasas. Those who want to render a service to Islam and to be able to thwart the mendacities and slanders of the enemies of Islam, should be welllearned at least in high school level knowledge and in the basic teachings of the Ahl as-Sunna today. Those who are inefficient in one of these two will be rather harmful than useful to Islam. The saying “A semi-scholar takes away one’s faith,” is well-known. These should be done by men. When men work, there will be no hard labour left for women to do. In every village the State should open courses for teaching the Qur’ân, and every child, regardless of sex, should be taught the Qur’ân and the fundamental teachings of Islam. Old men and women should undertake this task. Every Muslim should send his son to high school and to a university after teaching him religious knowledge. If Muslims do not educate their children, State affairs, administrative and commanding posts, media of propaganda and executive organs will be in the hands of unbelievers and apostates. They will spread disbelief and torment Muslims. For serving Islam, it is necessary for men to graduate from the university and to study even further. Islam and disbelief conflict every day. Certainly one of them will overcome the other. The idiots who do not take part in this warfare for survival and who heedlessly sit on the fence will suffer punishment in both this world and the next. Those who help the State that fights against the enemies of Islam as much as they can, will be rewarded for jihâd in the next world. By making jihâd against the fierce, unjust unbelievers who prevent the spread of Islamic knowledge, attack Islam with their papers, radios and – 191 –

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