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Islams Reformers

The bigotry of the religion reformers or bigots of science who surfaced lately to blame all previous scholars, basic fundamental beliefs or practices

ased on sheer thought

ased on sheer thought and mental knowledge. The lessons taught in the high school, science, biology and astronomy do not harm or annihilate the îmân attained at home; on the contrary, they consolidate it. Islam commands learning the latest scientific knowledge with the intention of making îmân conscientious and firm, living comfortably and being ready to stand against disbelievers’ attacks. 37 - The reformer says: “The child believes that the skies are made of layers of ceilings; the student believes that it is an endless space and that the earth stands on the horns of a water-buffalo. When they learn that the earth is not plain but it rotates in space and how our globe has formed, the geologic lessons, how life began, light and electricity; their îmân deteriorates. Those who prepared the curricula in high schools could not think of uniting experimental knowledge, that is, scientific knowledge, with religious knowledge. Astronomy tells the greatness of Allah better than religious books do. Could science and biology be thought of as different from the religion? As religious feelings in school children slacken, morals, customs and national bonds gradually melt. This situation facilitates the establishment of new morals and belief; yet, since there is not a leader to establish them, it easily makes them immoral or easy preys for any malignant influence. Let us compare incomplete knowledge of a student with the religious and moral knowledge and belief of an uneducated person. The student’s thought progresses very slowly and his valuable bonds have melted. As for the uneducated person, he is ignorant but his religious bonds are rather strong. He is willing to die for them. “If, instead of melted religious bonds, an education based on knowledge and an idea of patriotism are established in the youth, the youth can live on. But they cannot achieve this. In a confused mood, they recoil from the morals and customs of their country. They admire Europeans but they cannot get their morals, either. What they learn from Europeans is confined within the arid zone of imitation.” At this point, the religion reformer seems to have perceived the facts and to be rather reasonable. However, if due attention is paid, he implies that the lessons taught in high schools harm îmân and morals. This is quite wrong. Knowledge, whether it is much or little, is not harmful, but it is useful. The harmful thing is to place ignorance and evils into the heads in the name of knowledge, and to appoint ignorant, immoral people to be – 76 –

teachers. It is not knowledge and science but irreligious, ignorant teachers who harm the religious knowledge and beautiful morals the youngsters have acquired from their mother homes. Such an inefficient, irreligious teacher puts his own irreligious, immoral ideas, lies and slanders secretly amid the scientific facts he teaches. The callow brains cannot distinguish these lies from science and are deceived by believing them as truth. The pure children who fall into the traps of the enemies of faith and chastity are made to read the papers, magazines and novels of the enemies of Islam, which in turn undermine their morals and îmân. This is the method whereby the younger generations are misled out of their faith in communist countries. It is understood from his writing that this reformer, too, had received pure family education in his family home and later fell into the talons of a vicious teacher hostile to Islam and was poisoned and deceived. When he heard that the skies were made of layers of ceilings, he himself might have supposed that they were storied like an apartment house. He imputes his own misunderstanding to Islam, thus attacks Islam through this way, too. However, Islam teaches that the space which they consider endless and which is full of millions of stars each of which is a sun is only the first sky. This first sky, which they suppose to be endless, is only a drop of ocean beside the second sky. And each of the seven skies is as much bigger than the one it surrounds. Scientists, let alone being opposed to this teaching of Islam, admire it. The poor reformer once took it that the earth was on the horns of an ox the like of which he had seen in the shed. If he knew about the group of stars arranged in the shape of an ox as defined in the entry ‘thawr’ in Qâmûs, he would not write ill of Allâhu ta’âlâ’s Messenger (’alaihi ’s-salâm) in such a manner now. It is estimated today that when this hadîth sherîf was uttered this constellation was on the extension of a straight line that is imagined to be extending from the sun to the globe. Our Prophet (’alaihi ’s-salâm) held out his blessed sword and said, “My Allâhu ta’âlâ created my sustenance on the point of my sword.” He meant that he fought against unbelievers to make his living on what his share of the booty was. A villager who was listening to him asked, “Where is my world?” He said, “Your world is on the horns of the ox.” He meant, “You plough your land with your ox and earn your sustenance.” The Arabic word ‘dunyâ’ (world) is a noun. One of the infinitives derived from this word is ‘adnâ’, which means ‘to subsist’ as it is defined in Qâmûs. In those days – 77 –

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