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Islams Reformers

The bigotry of the religion reformers or bigots of science who surfaced lately to blame all previous scholars, basic fundamental beliefs or practices

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dollar. The existence of the dollar indicates that it has been given not from eternity but from someone first. In other words, if such a chain of dependence were supposed to begin from eternity, every being depending upon another being for its existence without reaching a being whose existence did not depend upon another, nothing would exist. As long as the existence of a being needed another, which needed another and another, and thus one needed another endlessly, nothing could be thought of existing; everything which we see in existence would have to be nonexistent, for it would also need something else which would have to exist before itself, but which in reality did not exist, for it would also need something else to exist before itself. It is the same with the third, the forth, the fifth... it is always the same. The existence of Hadrat Âdam can easily be understood after this reasoning. If Hadrat Âdam had not existed and men’s fathers had been infinite, there would have been no man on the earth; for, if the number of fathers had been infinite, there would have been neither the first father nor his children, that is, mankind. Since men exist, the first father has to have existed. It is very important to believe in the next world, like believing in Allâhu ta’âlâ. If the next world did not exist, the good deeds which have not been rewarded and the evils and wrongs that have not been punished in this world would never be recompensed, which would be a very great defect for this world which, as we see, has the most delicately artistic and orderly characteristics. While the smallest state or any society has a court of justice, this tremendous world, which we call the Universe, will definitely have a court of justice. The need in the next world for giving men their rights is so important that men of idea in Europe, though they cannot understand the existence of Allâhu ta’âlâ through science, think over morals and accept His existence unanimously. To comprehend the existence of Allâhu ta’âlâ by thinking over morals means that, since it is seen that the conscience, which may always go wrong and cannot control the spiritual responsibilities and is not equally powerful in every person, is not able to protect the morals and since it is also seen that virtues are not appreciated and many an evil are common and cherished although everything in the world has been created very orderly and beautifully, men’s wrongdoings have to be recompensed in the next world. It is very surprising that Europeans do not comprehend Allah’s existence through science, even though scientific knowledge, which discovers the dumbfounding regularity in, – 80 –

elations between and laws concerning all living and lifeless beings from the atom to the ’Arsh, shows Allah’s existence obviously. As it is understood that a world called the hereafter is necessary for the retribution of the wrongs done in the world and hence it is thought that these worlds should have a creator, so it is easier to see the orderly, delicate constructions of beings and the wellcalculated relations, interactions and laws between them and to believe in Him who creates them. In other words, while the existence of the next world, and hence the existence of Allâhu ta’âlâ creating it, is concluded from the need to recompense the defects and baseness in men’s morals, it is surprising that the Creator’s existence is not understood by seeing the beauties and regularities in beings. It indicates that men are evil-natured; they acknowledge Allâhu ta’âlâ when they think they need Him, and they pay no attention to Him and ignore His blessings when they think they do not need Him. The one who creates the beings out of nothing must be one. If there were two creators, for instance, they would not agree on doing something and their wishes would not happen together; if neither wish happened, both of them would be impotent; if the wish of one of them happened, the other would be impotent. The impotent cannot be creative. If what the wishes of both were alike, they would again be impotent, because they would be forced to come to a mutual agreement. When Islam came, people in Arabia had been worshipping idols and statues. Their thoughts were fixed into the existence of many gods. For this reason, Islam laid much emphasis on the evils of polytheism, and Muslims’ belief began with kalimat at-tawhîd. Men possess religious feelings naturally. For this reason, he who does not believe in Allah is spiritually sick, psychopathic. Such defective people are deprived of a great spiritual support and are in a very deplorable condition. As one of the European men of idea has said, “Piousness is great happiness, but I could not attain this happiness,” so Tevfîk Fikret, one of the religion reformers in our country, ridiculed Islam and Muslims in his poem “Târîkh-i qadîm”, but he could not help expressing the need of having îmân gushing out from his poetic spirit in his following lines: “This loneliness is a loneliness like the loneliness in the grave, To believe! That is the spiritual embrace in that loneliness.” The Oneness of the Creator whose existence is necessary can also be explained in this way: if there were more than one – 81 –

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