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Islams Reformers

The bigotry of the religion reformers or bigots of science who surfaced lately to blame all previous scholars, basic fundamental beliefs or practices

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creators, their combination would not be wâjib al-wujûd (the necessary, indispensable, being), because the existence of a combination needs the existence of each of its parts, and the being whose existence is necessary should not need anything. Then, no combination can be wâjib al-wujûd. The combination of the parts whose existence is necessary would be neither indispensable (wâjib) nor dispensable (mumkin), for the dispensable being would not exist by itself and needs a creator. Accepting the existence of this creator distinct from the combination would be contrary to the combination’s being wâjib, while considering this creator to be in this combination would come to mean that something would create itself, which is impossible. For example, if the combination of two indispensable parts were indispensable, this combination would also be dispensable because it needs the existence of both its parts, which is illogical. If the combination of the two were dispensable, it would have to be nonexistent. This explanation, that wâjîb al-wujûd (the Indispensable Being) cannot be more than one, rebuts the naturalists who say that everything exists by itself and is wâjib al-wujûd. Indeed, as explained above, let alone that everything exists by itself as a wâjib al-wujûd, it is impossible even for a creature to be a wâjib alwujûd. The irreligiousness which has been propagated by the progressives imitating Europe up to now has been in the nature of disbelieving Allâhu ta’âlâ. For instance, many have said, “The problem is whether Allah exists. If there is Allah, I will immediately believe all the religious knowledge.” But recently, seeing the new steps taken in science, especially the observations on the atom, radioactivity, matter and energy, hence being unable to deny the existence of Allâhu ta’âlâ, they have begun to speak ill of prophets (’alaihimu’s-salâm). They have said, “Everybody is free. Worship is not forbidden. Everybody worships his Allah as he wishes. Nothing besides reason can be an intermediary between Allah and man.” However, a person who believes in the next world has to believe in prophets, too. It is very illogical to consign the knowledge about blessings and punishments in the next world to reason. Especially ignorant people can never reason them out. Islam commands to believe in all prophets. Jews and Christians never believe in Muhammad (’alaihi ’s-salâm), the Prophet of Islam. They speak ill of this exalted Prophet. As for Islam, which was preached by Muhammad (’alaihi ’s-salâm), it expels from Islam those who deny Mûsâ (Moses) and ’Îsâ (Jesus) – 82 –

(’alaihimu ’s-salâm) and utter words humiliating them. Suppose a ruler assigns a governor to a province and, after this governor rules that province for some time, the ruler assigns a new governor; how will it sound if some people say, “We won’t disregard the advice of the former governor! We won’t obey the orders which the new governor brought”? While the first governor was the ruler’s official, are not the successors his officials? Jews do not acccept ’Îsâ and Muhammad (’alaihimu ’s-salâm) as prophets. While Mûsâ (’alaihi ’s-salâm) was Allâhu ta’âlâ’s prophet, how could it be impossible for them to be His prophets? Christians, even though they see this wrong belief in Jews and disapprove them, are unaware that they themselves do the same mistake and slander Muhammad (’alaihi ’s-salâm). This wrong belief of Jews and Christians is not based on a scientific observation. It is nothing but taking the old for granted and refusing the new only because of newness, i.e., sheer bigotry. ’Îsâ (’alaihi ’s-salâm) was born without a father. His mother Hadrat Mariam took him from Jerusalem to Egypt. After staying there for twelve years, they came back to Jerusalem and settled in the village Nâsira (Nazareth). He was revealed to be the Prophet when he was thirty years old. Three years later, Jews wanted to kill him. Allâhu ta’âlâ took him to heaven alive. Yudâ Sham’ûn (Judas Iscariot), a hypocrite who resembled him, was crucified. Because ’Îsâ (’alaihi ’s-salâm) was without a father, Christians worship him calling him “Allah’s son”. If being born without a father took a person out of being human and made him divine, Âdam (’alaihi ’ssalâm) would more necessarily be divinized, because he was created both without father and without mother. Hence, Christians have spoilt their revealed religion and impaired it to an illogical state. Jews deny ’Îsâ (’alaihi ’s-salâm) and because he was created without a father regard him illegitimate. Muslims are fair in this respect and, escaping the excessiveness shown by both groups, regard him as Allâhu ta’âlâ’s human creature and prophet. Europeans today are very advanced in science and technology, yet remaining attached to an ancient prophet, they are deprived of the greatest improvement and progress. They have not gotten rid of this fanaticism today, either. Not only retrogressive are they in refusing the new religion, but also they have distorted the old one. Forty years after ’Îsâ’s (’alaihi ’s-salâm) ascent to heaven, the Romans captured and ruined Jerusalem and pillaged and killed or captivated the Jews. There was not any Jew left in Jerusalem. His – 83 –

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