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Islams Reformers

The bigotry of the religion reformers or bigots of science who surfaced lately to blame all previous scholars, basic fundamental beliefs or practices

the scandal of

the scandal of confession in Christianity, which casts down chastity and honour, especially of women. In Islam, a woman does not have to work or earn money, neither indoors nor outdoors. If she is married, her husband, if she is not narried, her father, or, if she has lost her father, her closest relative, has to work and bring her everything she needs. And the government’s treasury called “Bayt al-mâl” provides for the woman who is without anybody to support her. In Islam, the burden of living is not shared between wife and husband. A man cannot force his wife to work in the field, in a factory or in any place. If the woman wishes and if her husband allows, she may work at places where there is work for women without joining with men. But, what the woman earns is her very own. Her husband cannot take anything from her by force. He cannot force her to buy what she needs for herself, either. Nor may he force her to do the work inside his house. The woman does the housework as a gift and favour to her husband. And this is a virtue which Muslim women have. It is a noble sentiment inherent in them. Islam’s recognition of such rights for the woman and its protecting her against being a slave or a plaything in men’s hands, indicate that Allâhu ta’âlâ has endowed her with a great value as a birthright. Islamic books detailedly explain the beautiful duties of the woman towards her husband, of the man towards his wife, his children, his parents, towards his neighbors and even towards non- Muslim citizens. The Hadîth says, “Among you, the one who has the most perfect îmân is the one with the most beautiful morals”; “The best of you is the one who is good towards his women at home”; “I was sent to preach to you all the good morals.” In Islamic books, there are innumerable other hadîths that arrange the family life, that separate the duties of the man and the woman and encourage them to work. Religiously ignorant people’s wrong, depraved behaviors incompatible with these hadîths cannot be defects or stains for Islam. Seeing these facts, it is obvious how wrong and unjust the writings of the people who call themselves “progressives” are. 39 - The reformer says: “The modern, imitative lady wants to go around naked like a Christian girl. She wants to flirt with the man she wishes. She wants to go wherever she wishes whenever she wishes. She is unaware that she is tearing up her faith, morality and customs. She looks at the veiled Muslim women hatefuly and mockingly. In – 94 –

fact, she swears at them. A youngster meets a girl by chance near a bridge, in market place, at a place of entertainment, in a gathering at the neighbor’s, on a passenger boat or in school, and they come to an agreement and get married. Yet they do not know that such a marriage will bring forth a terrible immorality in the future. “In every corner of the world, there is a different understanding of woman’s chastity. In Islam, woman’s chastity begins with veiling. The religion has clearly pointed out to whom of the relatives Muslim woman will show herself and whom she will not. The woman is chaste as long as she follows it. At the minute this chastity slackens, moral corruption commences. Today, the man goes out with his improperly dressed wife. The husband and wife look for their different pleasures in others. The man goes to taverns, to gambling-dens and to brothels. He does not hesitate to commit every sort of immorality. The moral corruption in women is caused by their husbands. I know a university student married to a prostitute. A woman who has dirty memories in her mind cannot be a chaste wife. A married man whom I know goes to family gatherings with his wife. His wife went to bed with a father and he with a young mother. One day, I saw four of them together. Another progressive married a woman who was also a progressive. He had his wife show herself scantily dressed to his friends. When the man was not at home, his wife accepted male guests. Eventually, she fell in love with one of them. She got divorced from her husband and the home was ruined. A month later, she loved another. “School is a place of education, a home of virtue. Yet, let me say with regret that even the most decent children lose their decency there. The child learns loathsome words and evil habits in school. It spreads the dirty things it learns in school or outside even at home. They do not hesitate to say that they dislike the religious, moral behaviors of their family. “Our women’s addiction to music and to instruments has become a nuisance. They listen to the tunes of sexy, lazy, drunken people whose hearts burn with the deprivation of the pleasures in their imaginations, tunes that do not arouse emotion in the spirit but stir only the basest bestial emotions such as dancing and embracing one another. Pay attention to the songs listened to on the radio also. They are all entreaties and adventures of the voluptuous persons who tremble with the desire to embrace one another. The meanings of the sounds of radio coming out from the – 95 –

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