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Islams Reformers

The bigotry of the religion reformers or bigots of science who surfaced lately to blame all previous scholars, basic fundamental beliefs or practices

houses, reveal that the

houses, reveal that the virtues of religion, morals, modesty and embarrassment in the families gradually fade away. When the jazz band starts, all the beings move with a magic wire to which the souls are fastened. With their heads, hands and with every part of their bodies, they proclaim their love to one another. Sometimes eight or ten or even fifteen men tack themselves on to a woman, and I compare them to cats and dogs which follow their female in groups and oppress it. While the man is able to think that the dishonesty which he perpetrates against a stranger woman will be done to his own mother, sister or mate, he still does it. Now I ask, what is this if it is not because of the absence of the feeling of chastity in him? Since religious and moral feelings continue in villages, fornication and dissipation are very seldom.” Though there are admonitory facts worth attention about women in the religion reformer’s long writing above, he does not propose any solution for this complicated problem. These social diseases have been reported from a resonable point of view as they are seen, yet he considers European women superior to Muslim women in Istanbul and does not say that it is bad for Europeans to dress immodestly. In fact, he wants the youth of Istanbul to be educated like them. About the excessive honesty of our women in villages, he means that it may corrupt soon because it is not based on principles pertaining to knowledge. In the lines he grievously tells about the immoralities among the learned and progressive women in Istanbul contemporary with him, it is not understood what knowledge he wants to be taught in order to protect them against evils. Everybody, learned or ignorant, knows that honesty and chastity are very precious and praiseworthy qualities. But many people do not act in accordance with this knowledge of theirs. The religion reformer is not right in his thought that, though there is much honesty in villages, the idea of honesty is weak. When the customs and beliefs that have settled unconsciously and unknowingly become sacred traditions, they are more dependable than thoughts and theories based on intellect and knowledge. Moreover, it is unfair to assume that fear of Allâhu ta’âlâ and the feeling of honesty and chastity based on such strong fundamentals as religion and morals are deprived of fundamental knowledge. 40 - The reformer says: “It is a very weak precaution to form separate groups for men and women or to put silk curtains between them in order to protect the honesty of women. In Muslim countries, through our – 96 –

sharp imagination we think a Venus of every woman under her coloured silk dress, and, by deriving meanings from these wonderful statues, we fill the empty parts of our heart with them. Among the western psychologists, there are many who admire the imaginative pleasures in the veiling of the east as well as its sunny, flowery horizons. “It is for certain that veiling increases the beauty of woman. The reason is that, while we see the subtleties and perspectives of everything close to us, distance makes these subtleties and perspectives seem decorated to us. As our eyes do not clearly see from the distance the things which they are used to seeing closely, our imagination completes the beauty of the things which we suppose to be beautiful. Things that are ours and which we do not esteem today will be valuable when we lose them. Now, when distance and curtains come between something and us, our emotions and sorrows arise proportional to our desire for that thing. When we see a veiled woman outside, our imagination wakes up. We imagine what is in our mind to exist under the veil. In order to arrange our social life, we should give the woman the place she deserves. Islam commands the woman to veil herself. But it does not explain how she will be veiled, nor does it prohibit to give the woman the rights which exist in her nature. If the purpose of veiling is to keep the generation pure and chaste and to protect it from adultery and evils, we could provide for it in some other way. For example, we should control ourselves, by training our minds and intellects, which Allâhu ta’âlâ has endowed on human beings. Thus, we should clean and correct the nafs in such a manner that it should desire goodness instead of running after its bestial desires. A highly learned, educated girl whose reason and thought function can obtain the spiritual strength to protect her honesty through her reason and thought even if she could not find it in the religion. When she gets used to being with boys in her early ages, it will not do her harm when she becomes an adult. It is never harmful for a girl, who has reason and thought enough to understand what chastity and honesty are, to go out unvelied as she wants, to go where she wants. Yet this change has to be made in the process of time. We cannot say to Muslim women, ‘Come on, throw your veils away and act as you wish.’ We should act very shrewdly. We see that we have not been able to establish the constitutional government well. Its consequence has been very dismal. Let the woman dress stylishly and gracefully for the time being to satisfy the sense in her – 97 –

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