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Islams Reformers

The bigotry of the religion reformers or bigots of science who surfaced lately to blame all previous scholars, basic fundamental beliefs or practices

creation. Later on, her

creation. Later on, her unveiling will gradually replace. The government should put the dressing of the woman in an order for the time being. Beautifully dressed as she may be, let her cover the parts tempting sexual desires and accept the headgear and mantle instead of veil. Later on the process will follow its natural course. Moreover, women are rightful to go about, to know the pleasures and life. For example, let it be her right to eat in restaurants, to go about, to go to movies and theatres. Yet, before doing these, men should be prohibited through a law to assault them.” If attention is paid to the religion reformer’s words, it will strike the eye that they are the plans, programs which freemasons prepared centuries ago and have had their men say in every century. These were said and written by the religion reformers in the time of the Union Party. When they brought freemason Reshid Pasha to the fore, they had him say the same things. When they made the ignorant and ignoble members of the Party of Union to seize power by providing weaponry and substantial aid for them, they, on the one hand, had religion reformers say these and, on the other hand, they passed new laws. They began attacking Islam. I say, “the ignoble members of the Party of Union,” because the majority of these cruel people, who declared wars stupidly, caused bloodshed of hundreds of thousands of Muslims and killed innumerable innocent people in dungeons and on gallows, were ignoble. But if Muslims learn their religion well and teach it to youngsters, the plans of the enemies of Islam will fall down on their own heads. Allâhu ta’âlâ declared in the eighth âyat of the sûrat al-Isrâ, “When Islam comes, polytheism and unbelief cannot survive.” This âyat shows that if Muslims work depending on reason and on Islam, unbelievers cannot harm them. Those who attack Islam will die away. This reformer writes many other important and dismal facts; in fact, it is a masonic tactic to write an entire book of true, sweet and creamy facts among which they cunningly plant a single line of their venomous ideas in order to poison the younger generations and mislead the people. Another technique of these enemies of Islam apply for deceiving Muslims is to coat their poisons with sugar and have Muslims swallow them like pills. The Muslim woman veils herself not only for protecting her honesty but also to draw the spiritual border distinguishing woman and man from each other. Owing to veiling, man behaves formally and respectfully even towards a woman of his family in – 98 –

the street. Veiling is the curtain of modesty put between man and woman. If a veiled woman is imagined to be more beautiful in a man’s fancy, this will increase, rather than decrease, her honour. He says that, rather than aesthetic beauty, social use should be looked for in a woman and she should be given a place in social life. This is not right because a woman does not give up adorning herself in the present social place of hers, either. It is necessary to train the nafs in order not to be taken in by the bestial emotions. Yet it is never correct to leave this job to self-control and to give up veiling. It is often seen in newspapers that, among the people who receive education and training, there are many who cannot control themselves. Self-control is something easy to talk about but difficult to exercise. It is declared in the sûrat Yûsuf that even a great prophet as Yûsuf (’alaihi ’s-salâm) said, “I do not say my nafs does not want evil things.” What is left for others to say? The degree of self-control is different in everybody. One even cannot understand this by himself. Especially according to the person who has received the lesson of honesty and chastity not from the religion but from his own reason only, the value of honesty does not go further than the thought of pretending to be honest. No matter how much the value of honesty is appreciated, no matter how much reasonable his intellect and thought are, reason may be unsuccessful against the nafs that exists in man’s creation and can deceive anybody. For this reason, it is necessary yet at the beginning not to let the nafs move and to close the ways tempting it. The veiling of women is a measure closing these ways most decisively and most easily. It is not correct, either, to think of co-education to form the familiarity between girls and boys which will in future help them to protect their chastity and honesty. If the youngsters get used to mixed life, it will cause the danger of regarding its evil consequences most normal. Women’s exposing themselves to men is a natural state indicating natural attraction between man and woman. Any man, let alone Muslim, will not believe in the mendacious, silly words denying this reality. In beaches, where women exhibit their arms, shoulders, necks and legs to men and where they divert together, do men no longer look at them? Women, seeing that exposing their arms, necks and legs was being natural, began to expose their breasts, back and shoulders and to use miniskirts. This piecemeal indulgence, with its destination untold, is symptomatic of a forceful instinct innate in women. In – 99 –

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