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Miftah-ul-Janna (Booklet for way to Paradise)

The first virtue is that

The first virtue is that He shall give him thawâb as heavy as the sum of the weights of the ’Arsh and the Kursî. [1] Second, Allâhu ’adhîm-ush-shân shall treat that slave of His with maghfirat (forgiveness). The third virtue is, when that slave dies, Mikâîl ‘’alaihis-salâm’ shall visit his grave (frequently) till Doomsday. Fourth, on the Day of Rising, Mikâîl ‘’alaihis-salâm’ shall take that slave on his blessed wing, intercede for him, and carry him to Jannat-i-a’lâ (Paradise). [2] When that person sits down for the Qa’da-i-âkhira (the final sitting posture), Allâhu ’adhîm-ush-shân shall give that person the same thawâb as He gives to the fuqarây-i-sâbirîn (Muslims who are both poor and patient). The fuqarây-i-sâbirîn shall enter Paradise five hundred years before the aghniyây-i-shâkirîn (Rich and grateful Muslims.) When the aghniyây-i-shâkirîn see the former, they will say: “How we wish we had been among the fuqarây-i-sâbirîn in the world!” In grave, questioning angels will come to you; “Did you perform namâz properly,” they shall say. “Do you reckon death has come to your rescue? Bitter torment is ready for you,” they shall say. ABOUT the JANNÂT-I-ÂLIYYÂT (The Sublime Gardens of Paradise) There are eight gates and eight keys for the eight Gardens of Paradise. The first one is the îmân (belief) held by the Believers who perform (the daily five prayers called) namâz. The second one is the Basmala-i-sherîfa, (i.e. to say, “Bismillâh-ir-Rahmân-ir- Rahîm.”) The (next) six are within the (first Sûra of the Qur’ân alkerîm called) Fâtiha-i-sherîfa. The eight Jannats (Gardens of Paradise) are: 1– The Dâr-i-jelâl. 2– The Dâr-i-qarâr. 3– The Dâr-i-salâm. 4– The Jannat-ul-khuld. 5– The Jannat-ul-Me’wâ. 6– The Jannat-ul- ’adn. 7– The Jannat-ul-firdevs. 8– The Jannat-ul-na’îm. [1] Please see the twenty-first chapter of the sixth fascicle of Endless Bliss for the ’Arsh and the Kursî. [2] All the good news that has been given so far include all Muslims, regardless of their sex. – 146 –

1– The Dâr-i-jelâl is of white nûr. 2– The Dâr-i-qarâr is of red ruby. 3– The Dâr-i-salâm is of green chrysolite. 4– The Jannat-ul-khuld is of coral. 5– The Jannat-ul-Me’wâ is of silver. 6– The Jannat-ul-’adn (Eden) is of gold. 7– The Jannat-ul-firdevs is both of gold and of silver. 8– The Jannat-ul-na’îm is of red ruby. Believers who enter will stay there eternally; they will never go out. The houris being there do not undergo menstrual or lochial periods; nor do they have any whims or caprices. Any kind of food or drink they desire will come before them, ready and at their disposal. They will be far from troubles such as cooking and picking. Fowls will be flying over their heads. Believers will see them as they sit in their villas. “If we were in the world and you came so close to me I would roast you.” No sooner will this desire have come to their heart than they will be eating the newly roasted fowl in the dish made of nûr before them. (After eating the fowl) the Believer will heap the bones somewhere and wish through his heart that the bones became a fowl again. The moment the wish comes to his heart the bones will become a fowl as before, and the new fowl will fly away. The soil of Paradise is made of musk and its buildings are made of adobes, one made of silver alternating with another made of gold. Each and every man in Paradise will be given the power of a hundred men. Each of them will be given at least seventy houris and two worldly women. There will be four streams in Paradise. Springing from a common source, they differ both in flowing and in flavour. One of them is sheer water, the second one is pure milk, the third one is Paradise beverage, and the fourth one is unmixed honey. There are tall villas in Paradise. They bend down, Believers mount them and are caried to whereever they wish. (Their semblance in the world are moving stairs and aeroplanes, as of today.) There is a tree called ‘Tûbâ’ in Paradise. The roots of this tree are on top, and its branches and shoots hang down. Its semblance in the world is the moon and the sun. – 147 –

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