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Miftah-ul-Janna (Booklet for way to Paradise)

lackening the scholars

lackening the scholars of Ahl as-sunnat who have been defending Islam for more than fourteen hundred years and their protectors, the Ottomans. They are falsifying the true Islamic teachings which those blessed scholars extracted from the Nass (âyats and hadîths). Some Wahhâbîs say, “We, too, are in a Sunnî Madhhab. We are in the Hanbalî Madhhab.” This claim of theirs is similar to the claim of the adherents of the heretical group called Mu’tazila, who say, “We, too, are Sunnî Muslims. We are in the Hanafî Madhhab.” They say so because they know that people who are not in the Sunnî group shall go to Hell. The fact, however, is that the harmonizing of the religious practices and acts of worship of a certain group of people with those of one of the four Madhhabs does not necessarily show that those people are in that Madhhab. Being in a certain Madhhab requires adapting oneself to that Madhhab both in tenets of belief and in practices. All four Madhhabs are identical in their tenets of belief. All four of them are in the Madhhab of Ahl as-sunnat in respect of belief. A certain person’s being in the Hanafî or Hanbalî Madhhab requires his holding a belief agreeable with that of the (credal) Madhhab called Ahl as-sunnat. Wahhâbîs do not hold the Sunnî belief.] CONCERNING FOOD and EATING There are ten benefits in washing your hands before meals in an awareness that it is an act of sunnat (to wash your hands then): If a person washes his hands before a meal and puts his wet (index fingers on the inner corners of his eyes and moves his fingers, gently in contact with the lids of his well-nigh closed eyes, backwards until they reach the outer corners of his eyes, that person, with the permission of Allâhu ta’âlâ, will not have a sore eye. The ten benefits are: 1– An angel below the ’Arsh-i-Rahmân will hail: As you have cleaned your hands, likewise you have been cleaned from your [venial] sins. 2– He will earn as much thawâb as he would if he had performed nâfila namâz. 3– He will be secured against poverty. 4– He will attain thawâb equal to that which is granted to Siddîqs. 5– Angels will make istighfâr for him. – 240 –

6– In return for each and every morsel of food he eats, he will attain as much thawâb as he would if he had given the entire food as alms. 7– He will be cleaned from his sins if he also begins eating with the Basmala. 8– Benedictions that he pronounces after the meal will be accepted (by Allâhu ta’âlâ). 9– If he dies that night, he will attain thawâb equal to that earned by martyrs. 10– If he dies during the day, he will be recorded in the group of martyrs. There are six benefits in washing your hands with the intention of performing an act of sunnat: 1– An angel below the ’Arsh-i-Rahmân will hail: “O you Believer! Rasûlullah ‘sall-Allâhu ta’âlâ ’alaihi wa sallam’ is pleased with you.” 2– You will attain thawâb specially reserved for this blessing. 3– The thawâbs that you will attain will be as many as the hairs on your body. 4– You will have a share from the ocean of Rahmat (Compassion of Allâhu ta’âlâ). 5– You will earn as many thawâbs as the number of the drops that fall off your hands. 6– You will die as a martyr. [Allâhu ta’âlâ’s commandments fall into two main categories [Emr-i-tekwînî and Emr-i-teklîfî or Emr-i-teshrî’î. Emr-i-tekwînî: It is His saying, “Be,” to things that He wills to create. That thing comes into being as soon as He says, “Be!” No one can prevent that thing from coming into being. He has created certain things as causes for the creation of every being. As he has made certain substances causes for the creation of certain other things, likewise man’s material and spiritual powers and various kinds of energy are causes for the creation of many (other) things. If He wills to bestow a gift or something good on a slave of His, He makes that slave attain the causes for that gift. When the causes take effect, if He, too, wills and says, “Be!” that thing (gift, ets.) comes into being. Nothing comes into being unless He wills it to. He has concealed His Hikmat and His Creating by covering them with causes. Many people see the causes only and fail to see the – 241 –

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