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Miftah-ul-Janna (Booklet for way to Paradise)

2– To breathe

2– To breathe onto the water being used in the ablution. 3– To wash the limbs (that should be washed three times) fewer than three times. 4– To wash them more than three times. 5– To spit into the water being used for making an ablution. 6– To blow your nose into the water being used in the ablution. 7– To let water get down your throat when gargling. 8– To turn your back towards the Qibla (when making an ablution). 9– To shut your eyes tightly. 10– To open your eyes wide. 11– To begin the washing with the left hand side. 12– To blow your nose by using your right hand. 13– To use your left hand when applying water into your mouth. 14– To use your left hand when applying water into your nose. 15– To stamp your foot on the ground (or floor). 16– To make an ablution with water heated in the sun. 17– Not to avoid (using) mâ-i-musta’mal water. (Please see kinds of water earlier in the text.) 18– To talk on worldly matters. NULLIFIERS OF AN ABLUTION Twenty-four of them are stated: 1– Things issuing from one’s back. 2– Things issuing from one’s front. 3– Worms, stones or the like issuing from one’s front or back. 4– To have an enema. 5– For a medicine which a woman has injected into her womb to come back out. 6– If a medicine which you have poured into your ear comes back out through your mouth, it will nullify your ablution. [If it exudes through your ear or nose it will not nullify your ablution (Fatâwâ-i-Hindiyya).] 7– For a cotton wick that a man has inserted into his urinary – 98 –

canal to become wet and fall. [If the wick is partly outside of the urinary canal and the part that is outside is dry, it will not nullify your ablution so long as it does not fall out.] 8– For the cotton wick to fall down, its part left outside having been wet. 9– A mouthful vomit. It will not nullify one’s ablution to vomit phlegm, regardless of its amount. Liquid issuing from a sleeping person’s mouth is clean, be it yellowish. 10– Shedding tears on account of an illness will nullify one’s ablution. It will not nullify one’s ablution if it happens as a result of weeping or with the effect of lachrymose agents such as onions. 11– Blood, pus, or yellowish liquid issuing from one’s nose will nullify one’s ablution even if it does go out of one’s nostrils. Nasal mucus is not something najs. It will not nullify one’s ablution when it goes out of the nose. 12– For the saliva that one has just spit out to contain much blood. 13– When you see blood on something you have just bitten, it will nullify your ablution if your mouth or teeth are smeared with the blood. It will not, if otherwise. 14– If you see that blood has exuded from any part of your body and spread over that part, be it only a little, your ablution will be nullified if you are in the Hanafî Madhhab, and it will not be nullified if you are in one of the Mâlikî and Shâfi’î Madhhabs. 15– Supposing you are riding on a horse not saddled; dozing off as it goes downhill will nullify your ablution. 16– If you are dubious about whether or not you have made an ablution, your dhann-i-ghâlib (prevailing opinion) should be that you are without an ablution. 17– If a man hugs his wife in the nude, (their ablution will be nullified.) 18– If you have forgotten to wash one of your limbs of ablution and you do not know which one, (your ablution becomes nuffified.) 19– If pus or blood or yellowish liquid comes out from a blister on one of your limbs, by itself or when you squeeze it, (your ablution will become nullified.) 20– Supposing you have had a sore, with some najs liquid such as yellowish liquid or blood or pus in the middle of it, on your – 99 –

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