Documents of the Right Word

A collection of small books written by Sunni scholars for answering Shi'a claims.

Collection Of Articles (Refuting Shia) - Enjoy Islam
Mercy Book eBook Posting - Downtown Islamic Center
English translation of the Quran with Arabic - Fahd Complex
A critical analysis of the Modernists and the ... - Kalamullah.Com
Backbiting - Islamic School System - Dawat-e-Islami
Modernists And Hadith Rejecters by Sajid A. Kayum
BOOK – 8 Bashir Muhammad Al-Ma'sumi Ad-Darut Ta'limiyyah
Islam and Christianity
Sahaba - The Blessed
Advice for the Muslim
Belief and Islam
Seadet-i Ebediyye - Endless Bliss First Fascicle
Islams Reformers
The Sunni Path
The Proof of Prophethood
Seadet-i Ebediyye - Endless Bliss Second Fascicle
Why Did They Become Muslims
Confessions of a British Spy and British Enmity Against Islam
Answer to an Enemy of Islam
Could Not Answer
O Son !
(or, “Now That I've Found Islam, What Do I Do With It?”) - Knowledge ...
Seadet-i Ebediyye - Endless Bliss Third Fascicle