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Consolidated News Letter for CR

Safety Always “While

Safety Always “While traveling in the Bus” Business Solutions by Tica Bus S.A. is our new business partner for employee transportation. Service will go live starting WW9. Please take few minutes to review our safety recommendations while traveling. Fasten your seat belt when you are in the bus and invite others passenger around you to do the same. Wait for the bus to stop completely before you get in or off. Be especially careful during the rainy season. The step on the bus may be wet and slippery. Get on and off the bus carefully holding the handrail to avoid a fall. To prevent awkward postures and reduce ergo risk, refrain from using your computer on the bus. If you need to use the restroom please be careful while walking in the aisle and make sure to hold on the handrail. Please do not open the bus windows while traveling. Make sure to take micro breaks while using your mobile devices. We care about you and your safety CR Safety MRC

Optical Services: Test your vision Invest in your health Optica Vision will be on site performing eye test to employees and relatives (first degree consanguinity). When March 6 th and March 7 th Schedule From 8:00 a.m. – 4.00 p.m. Where Front of the Auditorium Form of Payment Credit / Debit Card /Cash/ASINTEL Appointments Call extensions 66178 66916 We love to hear from you. Questions or comments please contact: Susana Monge (

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