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To view printable forms visit Units: there are trophies that have been left at the temple. Please come pick them up or they will need to be disposed. Brandee Lowman, our Office Administrator, is also a Notary Public. If you are in need of Notary services, contact Brandee at the temple office. 2 AL AMIN SHRINERS | MAR - APR 2018

THE POTENTATE'S WORD Richard Gamewell - Potentate 2018 Greetings Nobles and Ladies, Since our last issue, the Temple has had its installation of the Potentate, Divan Officers, and Unit Presidents. The Temple Calendar was set for 2018. Thanks to all Nobles, Shrine Ladies, and Staff for attending. The Texas Shrine Association held its Mid-Winter Meeting at the Holiday Inn Marina Downtown Hotel on February 8th - 10th. As TSA President, I was honored to have present at this meeting the Imperial Potentate Gary J. Bergenske and three other Imperial Officers. Afterward, my wife Peggy and I enjoyed an evening dinner with the Imperial Potentate and the Imperial First Lady Ann, Imperial Outer Guard Larry Lieb, and the Al Amin Divan. 2018 Divan Potentate - Richard Gamewell (361) 816-1009 Chief Rabban - Tom Mehrens (361) 443-7685 Assistant Rabban - Mike King (361) 696-1585 High Priest & Prophet - Cody Paul (361) 756-7106 Treasurer - Marcelo Cantu (361) 241-5353 Interim Recorder - Roy Cantu (361) 241-5353 Al Amin had one great Hospitality Room. Thanks to the Divan and the Divan Ladies who worked to make this a wonderful event. Thanks also to all Al Amin Shrine Nobles and Ladies and non-Shriners who helped to make this year’s Mid-Winter TSA a total success. On February 23 and 24th, the Texas Shrine Directors Association held its Mid-Winter Meeting here in Corpus Christi at the Holiday Inn Marina Downtown Hotel. A Beach Bash Dance took place on Friday night and on Saturday night the Mash Dance was held. In Brownsville on February 23rd and 24th, our Temple Divan and Temple Units participated in the annual Charro Days Parade. The Al Amin Shrine Circus will be held on March 9th, 10th, and 11th. On March 18th, we will host the annual Children’s Easter Party at Al Amin. Please don’t forget that Al Amin will be having a Bar-B-Q Cook-Off on June 1st and 2nd. We hope that all Shrine Units will enter this IBCA Sanctioned BBQ Cook-Off. It will be held in Lagarto,Texas on the west side of Lake Mathis (Lake Corpus Christi) at the 534 River Bend Club. This will be a Fraternal Event Fundraiser Cook-Off and all proceeds will remain with Al Amin. All Shrine Temples will be contacted and asked to participate in this event and it will be also open to the public. For information and registration, please visit or call the office at (361) 241-5353. I look forward to seeing you all again at any event we have at the Temple. Nobles: You can pay your dues online at Respectfully yours, Richard Gamewell 2018 Potentate Brandee Lowman Office Administrator/Marketing Coordinator Barbara Schroeter Webmaster/Salaam Editor 3 AL AMIN SHRINERS | MAR - APR 2018

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