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ARDActivityGuide- Summer2017 FINAL


ADULTS FITNESS YOGA FOR PEACE + HAPPINESS Recent research has shown that how you stand and move has a profound effect on your self-esteem and sense of well-being. In this non-competitive, gentle yoga class, you will experience this positive effect first hand. All levels of fitness are honored. Friendly, loving group. Michelle can suggest alternative poses and help you develop your own personal practice. AGE 18+ LOCATION Canyon View Community Center, Board Room INSTRUCTOR Michelle Hollis FEE $40 Resident | $45 Non-Resident ACTIVITY # SESSION DAYS TIME 4530 S1 5/2-5/23 Tuesday 6-7:30pm 4530 S2 5/30-6/20 Tuesday 6-7:30pm 4530 S3 6/27-7/25 (no class 7/4) Tuesday 6-7:30pm 4530 S4 8/1-8/29 Tuesday 6-7:30pm SOFT YOGA IN THE PARK Mark your Monday mornings for a breathtaking week’s start with this mid-level yoga flow and stretch in Ashford Park. Increased concentration, flexibility, muscle tone, and balance are some of the many benefits of this yoga delight. Standing and reclining postures are practiced. Modifications addressing back or joint concerns enable extra comfort. Refreshed, stretched, and stress free describe how we close our Monday summer park practice. (LEVEL gentle, suitable for all; PACE: slow; DURATION: 75 min.) AGE 18+ LOCATION Ashford Park INSTRUCTOR Gwenn Jones FEE $40 Resident | $45 Non-Resident 5 Class Punch Card: $50 Resident I $55 Non-Resident. PURCHASE PUNCH CARD AT THE ARD OFFICE. THERAPEUTIC YOGA Feeling lethargic? Stiff? Achy? Have injuries? Sitting around won’t make you feel better, but yoga will. Friendly, caring group where movement is tailored to your needs. Celena is a nationally certified yoga therapist with 20+ years teaching yoga. AGE 18+ LOCATION Canyon View Community Center, Board Room INSTRUCTOR Celena Polena FEE $40 Resident | $45 Non-Resident ACTIVITY # SESSION DAYS TIME 4534 S1 5/3-5/24 Wednesday 8-9:30am 4534 S2 6/7-6/28 Wednesday 8-9:30am 4534 S3 7/5-7/26 Wednesday 8-9:30am SHOTOKAN KARATE Shotokan Karate of America, Foothill Dojo, is a non-profit organization that teaches authentic traditional karate for the mind, body, and spirit. In addition to teaching self-defense, this class offers individual and group training focused on developing one’s strength of character. As taught by masters originating from Japan, Okinawa, and Ancient China, SKA Foothill’s Seniors have decades of knowledge and experience to pass on to all levels, from beginners to the experienced. This class will help improve coordination, quicken reflexes, build stamina and overall physical and mental health. If you are looking for a form of self-defense and would like the ability to face yourself and adversities strongly, while at the same time demonstrate courtesy, integrity, humility, and self-control, this class, led in a safe environment by seniors who are dedicated to the same, is for you. AGE 14+ LOCATION Recreation Park, Gym INSTRUCTOR Mike Sipe FEE $35 Resident | $40 Non-Resident *$120 Resident; $125 Non-Resident (4 months) ACTIVITY # SESSION DAYS TIME 4536 S1 7/10-7/31 Monday 9:30-10:45am 4536 S2 8/7-8/28 Monday 9:30-10:45am ACTIVITY # SESSION DAYS TIME 4510 S1 5/1-5/31 (no class 5/29) Mon | Wed 5:30-7pm 4510 S2 6/5-6/28 Mon | Wed 5:30-7pm 4510 S3 7/3-7/31 Mon | Wed 5:30-7pm 4510 S4 8/2-8/30 Mon | Wed 5:30-7pm 4510 S5 *5/1-8/30 Mon | Wed 5:30-7pm ARD ACTIVITY GUIDE — SUMMER 2017 Class registration forms available at | Page 10

INtErNaTiOnAl DAy Of YOgA A celebration of unity, diversity and yoga. WHEN: WHERE: WHO: COST: SUMMER SOLSTICE WEDNESDAY JUNE 21 ~ 6:30-8:30PM Recreation Park, Group Picnic Area EVERYONE. Every body type, ability and age. Lifelong yogi’s and beginners welcome. FREE BRING MAT, TOWEL OR BLANKET MOvInG In ThE PArK Prepare for an evening of peace, movement and harmony. FRIDAY Yoga in the Park ADULTS, KIDS - ALL WELCOME FREE FREE Enjoy the beauty of the park. Center your body energy for the weekend. Start the day with peace movement and harmony. Find quality family time. BRING MAT, TOWEL OR BLANKET FRIDAYS | JUNE 9 - AUGUST 4 (no meeting July 7) 9-10am at Recreation Park at the back group picnic area ARD ACTIVITY GUIDE — SUMMER 2017 Register online at | Page 11