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ARDActivityGuide- Summer2017 FINAL


KIDS+TEENS KIDS+TEENS BEGINNING UKULELE LESSONS The ukulele is a fun instrument to sing and play with! These four sessions will offer students a chance to experience the joy of learning music. We will explore basic chords and strumming patterns through singing and playing together. There will be an introduction to tuning and reading simple music notations. AGE 7-17 LOCATION Recreation Park,Conference Room INSTRUCTOR Mariann Smith FEE $40 Resident | $45 Non-Resident NOTES Bring a ukulele and a tuner. ACTIVITY # SESSION DAY TIME 7250 W1 6/3-6/17 Saturday 9:30-10:15am YOUNG RUSTLERS Learn horsemanship, horse body language and all about tack and horses in and out of the arena. Form a partnership with your horse, play games, and have fun. Both beginner and intermediate classes are available in three week classes. AGE 7-15 LOCATION “C” Horse Ranch-Healing Pastures 11685 Lorenson Road, Auburn INSTRUCTOR Honey Cowan FEE $150 Resident | $155 Non-Resident NOTE Helmets and boots are required and provided. ACTIVITY # SESSION DAYS TIME 7130 S1 5/6-5/20 Saturday 8:45-10:15am 7130 S2 6/3-6/17 Saturday 8:45-10:15am 7130 S3 7/8-7/22 Saturday 8:45-10:15am 7130 S4 8/5-8/19 Saturday 8:45-10:15am ARD ACTIVITY GUIDE — SUMMER 2017 LITTLE COWPOKES & THE GARDEN Spend the morning at Healing Pastures and embrace the full ranch and garden experience. Discover the world of horses, chickens, sheep and feed the goats and pigs. Learn that veggies don’t come from the supermarket. Enter the world of organic gardening to learn where your food comes from and pick a vegetable. AGE 3-8 LOCATION Healing Pastures at “C” Horse Ranch, 11685 Lorenson Road, Auburn INSTRUCTOR Honey Cowan FEE $40 Resident | $45 Non-Resident NOTES Helmets and boots are required and provided. ACTIVITY # SESSION DAYS TIME 8286 S1 5/4 Thursday 9-10:30am 8286 S2 6/8 Thursday 9-10:30am 8286 S3 7/20 Thursday 9-10:30am 8286 S4 8/10 Thursday 9-10:30am HOW TO DRAW ANIME Are you interested in drawing and want to know more about anime and comic drawing? This class will teach a few basic techniques for drawing anime style characters. Students will draw and create their own character and explore creating their own comic book. AGE 7+ LOCATION Recreation Park, Conference Room INSTRUCTOR Christine Taylor with Jabali FEE $30 Resident | $35 Non-Resident NOTES Bring pencil and eraser. ACTIVITY # DAY DAY TIME 5510 S1 6/24 Saturday 10am-Noon 5510 S2 7/29 Saturday 10am-Noon 5510 S3 8/19 Saturday 10am-Noon Class registration forms available at | Page 14

PRE-BALLET For the little children who love to dance this pre-ballet class will teach the basics of the genre! Beginning techniques, movements and proper French terminology will be implemented. Students will focus on rhythm, posture, flexibility and coordination. Please dress your ballerina in pink tights, black leotard (without a skirt) and pink leather ballet slippers. AGE 3-5 LOCATION Recreation Park, Stella Rm - Mondays Recreation Park, Stella Rm - Thursdays (May/Aug) Recreation Park, Conference Rm - Thursdays (June/July) INSTRUCTOR Turns n Tumble Staff FEE $40 Resident | $45 Non-Resident KAYAKING FOR 8 TO 14 SAFE, Fun, Educational…Kids love kayaking and most take to it almost instantly. For over 23 years we’ve offered these classes as a great way to harness some of their boundless energy and curiousity. Using equipment specifically designed for kids, our primary goals in these personal, small group classes is fun, camaraderie, water safety and outdoor education. Kids learn through a variety of games, group activities while exploring for turtles, tadpoles and other critters. Classes are held in the safe, controlled environment of Lake Natoma and special hideaways like ‘Swampland” and “Berry Pond”. (Juniors get a day on the easy waters of the American River and can add two more days of river fun in our Junior Novice class). Kids leave these classes super excited and return year after year. Classes taught by our professional youth instructors, all equipment is provided. KIDS+TEENS ACTIVITY # SESSION DAYS TIME 2021 S1 5/1-5/22 Monday 5:30-6:15pm 2021 S2 6/5-6/26 Monday 5:30-6:15pm 2021 S3 7/10-7/31 Monday 5:30-6:15pm 2021 S4 8/7-8/28 Monday 5:30-6:15pm 2022 S1 5/4-5/25 Thursday 10:15-11am 2022 S2 6/1-6/29 Thursday 10:15-11am 2022 S3 7/6-7/27 Thursday 10:15-11am 2022 S4 8/3-8/31 Thursday 10:15-11am ADVANCED PRE-BALLET/ TAP Once you have mastered Pre-Ballet, you’ll expand your knowledge and skills. Must have teacher recommendation and approval. AGE 3-7 LOCATION Recreation Park, Stella Room INSTRUCTOR Turns n Tumble Staff FEE $50 Resident | $55 Non-Resident ACTIVITY # SESSION DAYS TIME 2023 S1 5/1-5/22 Monday 4:30-5:30pm 2023 S2 6/5-6/26 Monday 4:30-5:30pm 2023 S3 7/10-7/31 Monday 4:30-5:30pm 2023 S4 8/7-8/28 Monday 4:30-5:30pm Sign Up Early! Our programs fill up quickly, so don’t wait until the last minute to sign up for a class, program or sport. Go online now to sign up! AGE 8-14 LOCATION Lake Natoma, Sacramento/Folsom INSTRUCTOR Current Adventures Professional Youth Instructors FEE $139 Resident | $144 Non-Resident NOTE All equipment provided. ACTIVITY # SESSION DAYS TIME AGE KIDS KAYAKING 7222 S1 6/27-29 Tuesday-Thursday 9:30am-12:30pm 8-11 7222 S2 7/18-20 Tuesday-Thursday 9:30am-12:30pm 8-11 JUNIOR KAYAKING 7221 S1 6/27-29 Tuesday-Thursday 1:30-5:30pm 10-14 7221 S2 7/18-20 Tuesday-Thursday 1:30-5:30pm 10-14 INTERNET DRIVERS ED Coursework can be completed at any time from home or on any computer with an internet connection. DMV accepted completion certificates are issued upon successful completion of the course. Class does not include behind the wheel training. AGE 14-18 LOCATION Your Home INSTRUCTOR All Good Education Corporation FEE $40 Resident | $45 Non-Resident NOTES Must sign up in office; additional form is needed. ACTIVITY # SESSION DAYS TIME 7150 S1 May-August Open Open ARD ACTIVITY GUIDE — SUMMER 2017 Register online at | Page 15