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ARDActivityGuide- Summer2017 FINAL


WHAT’S NEW NEW SUMMER CAMPS • FUNFINITY CAMPS (ages 3-6) • PLAY WITH CLAY AND PAPER MACHE (ages 7-17) • FAIRY HABITAT (ages 5-13) • FUN WITH PAINT (ages 7-17) • JAVA SCRIPT & ELECTRONICS WITH PODPI (ages 9-16) • YOGI (ages 5-9) SEE CAMP DETAILS STARTING ON PAGE 22 . NEW CLASS BABY AND ME Stay active, play and have fun with your little one. This class will encourage your child to build social, intellectual, and physical development through music, movement, play, and yoga. Anyone can attend, parents, grandparents, and friends. This class will teach music that you will use through the year, yoga and movements that will build fine and gross motor skills and encourage a healthy bond between you and your child. AGE 6 mo-3 LOCATION Recreation Park, Stella Room - May/August Recreation Park, Conference Room - June/July INSTRUCTOR J Ross Parrelli FEE $44 Resident | $49 Non-Resident * $33 Resident | $38 Non-Resident NOTES Wear comfortable clothing ready to sit on the floor. ACTIVITY # SESSION DAYS TIME AGE 1200 S1* 5/9-5/23 Tuesday 9:30-10:15 6-18mo 1200 S2 5/30-6/20 Tuesday 9:30-10:15 6-18mo 1200 S3 7/11-8/1 (no class 7/25) Tuesday 9:30-10:15 6-18mo 1200 S4 8/8-8/29 Tuesday 9:30-10:15 6-18mo 1202 S1* 5/9-5/23 Tuesday 10:30-11:30 18-36mo 1202 S2 5/30-6/20 Tuesday 10:30-11:30 18-36mo 1202 S3 7/11-8/1 (no class 7/25) Tuesday 10:30-11:30 18-36mo 1202 S4 8/8-8/29 Tuesday 10:30-11:30 18-36mo Save the dates for our Fa ll Events See details at October 4 Hats off to your health with free flu vaccinations, free health screenings and many senior services. October 7 Do you love to cook ribs or simply enjoy eating them? Then you need to be a part of our newest event. It’s certain to be one of the tastiest parties of the year! HELP US HELP YOU ARD strives to maintain its parks in a first rate manner and ensure the safety of park users. If you notice a problem at one of the parks, please report the problem by calling 530.885.8461. October 21 Live music, giant pumpkins, scarecrow and costume contests, and a great kids fun zone has made this event a local’s favorite for the past 21 years. ARD ACTIVITY GUIDE — SUMMER 2017 Class registration forms available at | Page 6

ADULTS Adult GENERAL BEGINNING UKULELE Even if you have never played any instrument before, you’ll soon be creating lively, fun music. Learn to play chords, strumming techniques, and music timing. Learn to play a few songs and how to learn more. Introduction to literature, ukulele history, and ukulele types will be included. You’ll learn how to tune a uke. Learn the basics on Saturday and play with a group the 2nd and 4th Wednesday each month. “Music self-played is happiness self-made”. AGE 18+ LOCATION Recreation Park, Conference Room INSTRUCTOR Clifford Johnson FEE $30 Resident | $35 Non-Resident NOTE Bring a ukulele, a few loaners are available. ACTIVITY # DATE DAY TIME 5202 S1 6/10 Saturday 9:30-Noon 5202 S2 7/22 Saturday 9:30-Noon MATURE RIDERS Join this Mature Riders program and get back in the saddle! This class is for adults who have little experience or have ridden before and would like to re-experience the thrill. AGE 18+ LOCATION Healing Pastures at “C” Horse Ranch, 11685 Lorenson Road, Auburn INSTRUCTOR Honey Cowan FEE 3 Classes: $150 Resident | $155 Non-Resident NOTE Helmets and boots are required and provided. ACTIVITY # SESSION DAYS TIME 7134 S1 5/10-5/24 Wednesday 11:45a-1:15p 7134 S2 6/7-6/21 Wednesday 11:45a-1:15p 7134 S3 7/5-7/19 Wednesday 11:45a-1:15p 7134 S4 8/9-8/23 Wednesday 11:45a-1:15p BEGINNING HARMONICA Learn to play this musical instrument for fun and health. Music relieves stress, creates joy, and playing harmonica improves lung function. You’ll learn an easy way to play songs. A “C” harmonica is required. Song sheets provided; no prior music experience needed. AGE 15+ LOCATION Recreation Park, Teen Center INSTRUCTOR Clifford Johnson FEE $25 Resident | $30 Non-Resident NOTE Some harmonicas will be available in class for purchase for $12. ACTIVITY # SESSION DAYS TIME 5201 S1 6/10 Saturday 1-2:45pm 5201 S2 7/22 Saturday 1-2:45pm Parks MakeLife Better! SINGING 101 Singing 101: How to sing better, for fun and health. Includes optional performance as a group. How to sing stronger, richer, and smoother with excellent technique (no experience required). AGE 18+ LOCATION Canyon View Community Center, Sunset Room INSTRUCTOR Clifford Johnson FEE $45 Resident | $50 Non-Resident ACTIVITY # SESSION DAYS TIME 1216 S1 5/22 & 5/25 Monday & Thursday 6:30-8:30pm 1216 S2 7/17 & 7/20 Monday & Thursday 6:30-8:30pm ARD ACTIVITY GUIDE — SUMMER 2017 Register online at | Page 7