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Destination Nevada County

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I LOVE it. It’s to me,

I LOVE it. It’s to me, my heaven… it’s my happy place. It’s a really, really peaceful serene place…heaven…I think it’s heaven.” Mama Kaz unphased by having a bear visit their campsite, shrugged and said, “Oh well, we just ate hot dogs along with what chicken was left.” For about ten years there were many of the same families from Los Angeles that came up at the same time each year. Now, they are mostly surrounded by new campers, the beauty of camping at Scotts Flat Lake, and regardless of who is there, there’s a feeling of community. Mama Kaz says, “If one of the kids leaves their shoes on the beach, we’ll find them the next morning in front of our boat. There are no worries about “things” disappearing, and everyone helps each other.” At that very moment, Michael John’s son, Cody, took a bad spill on his bike, and Bill, a retired firefighter, and paramedic raced to help. Cody was shaken up, but after a thorough assessment, nothing appeared broken. After ice on his shoulder and some laughter, he bounced back and wanted to join in the fun. Mama Kaz pats her brother’s shoulder, “Bill to the rescue!” as far as Oregon and Alabama. “Not everyone can stay for the entire two weeks, but we’re all together as a family for at least a few days every year.” Birthdays are celebrated, children are conceived, and wisdom is passed from parent to child. Life lessons in giving, sharing and doing for others are learned by example. Last year when Mama Kaz was asked to organize a Family Cruise for Thanksgiving and when the grandchildren were asked if they wanted to go on the cruise, their response was immediate, “If we have to give up Scotts Flat we don’t want to go!” Her eyes take on a dreamy look as Mama Kaz sighs and reflects on Scotts Flat Lake and what it’s meant to her and her family…“I LOVE it. It’s…to me, my heaven…it’s my happy place. It’s a really, really peaceful serene place…heaven…I think it’s heaven.” Today, though the mining camp of Scotts Flat is underwater, trees are growing up to cover the hydraulic mining scars, and Scotts Flat Lake is a recreation area…but the water still provides for irrigation, power generation needs downstream, and family memories. Thanks, NID! Your contribution to our community is unparalleled! To learn more about the NID Recreation Areas, visit: He says, “What’s Family Camp without a paramedic? It’s payback…that used to be ME!” Family Camping is beloved by their children, grandchildren and their great grandchildren. Michael John says that for years as they drove past Auburn on their way to Scotts Flat Lake, the kids would point to the hillside and yell in unison, “Dad! I see Red Dirt! If you see Red Dirt that means CAMPING!” Joe says that they’ve had all four generations of the Kaz Family at the Scotts Flat Camp. They come from 154 DESTINATION Nevada County

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