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Destination Nevada County

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It’s a Real Town with

It’s a Real Town with an Unreal Backyard By Robin Davies, Recent Visitor to Truckee It’s High Noon on a Sunday, in Truckee, California. The sky is blue as blue can be, and the weather is, by colloquial definition, a Chamber of Commerce Day. What, you ask, does that mean? According to Brian Neudorff, a Meteorologist-Blogger, “On days described as a “chamber of commerce day,” a tourist would want to come and visit, and if businesses were visiting your town that day, it might influence them to relocate.” Bingo! A Perfect Chamber of Commerce Day in Truckee. Today, my husband and I are visitors to Truckee, spending the final day of an idyllic weekend in one of our favorite towns in Nevada County. Longing for the “perfect” Sunday and a hearty breakfast, we headed down from our mountain get-away, joining the multitude of others with the same desire; to spend their Sunday afternoon enjoying this remarkable town. What’s the draw? It’s Sunday, and the unique one-of-a-kind shops and art galleries are open, and street entertainment is in full swing. Happy diners fill the outdoor patios, and the town, dressed with plantings that complement the season and the historical setting are the icing on the cake that lends an air of joie de vivre to this chamber of commerce day in beautiful historical Truckee. Perusing several menus, we chose the Wagon Train Coffee Shop established in 1947, and still run by the same family. Sitting on the patio, we sipped a latte and enjoyed a generously plated breakfast while watching people stroll by, families with young children, and many people with their pets, out enjoying the sundrenched fall day. Across the street, we see the Truckee Chamber of Commerce and California Visitors Center. They are occupants in the Truckee train station, re-built in 1900 by the Southern Pacific Railroad after the original structure burned in 1869. Adjacent to the Train station is an old Southern Pacific caboose that houses the Truckee Railroad Museum. There is a constant stream of folks entering both, and following their example, we head over after breakfast 162 DESTINATION Nevada County

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