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Destination Nevada County

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to pick up the Historic

to pick up the Historic Downtown Truckee Walking Map. For the next few hours, we explore the town, viewing the historic buildings and residences, reveling in the incredible legacy left for us to enjoy, and yes, it helped walk off our enormous breakfast. Now comes the romantic part: our enchantment with the Truckee River. It’s incredible that the river runs through the town. Immediately beyond the train tracks, and the tracks run right behind Donner Pass Road, Truckee’s main boulevard, the river creates a beautiful backdrop to the town. The romantic part? Exactly a decade ago, my then husband-to-be who is a 4th generation Nevada City native, took me paddling down the Truckee River on a hot summer afternoon, then took me to Nevada City to meet his mother. I fell in love with the whole package, and count myself fortunate to call Nevada County home. So today, exactly a decade later, we walked to the Bridge Street bridge, held hands, marveled at the river sparkling in the sun, and took a moment to reflect back to that special day when the Truckee River belonged to us and our budding romance. We’re off next to explore Donner Summit and Soda Springs before we head down the hill, but a piece of advice; If you Sunday Stroll in Downtown Truckee haven't visited Truckee yet, put it on your must-do/don’t miss list- because, regardless of the season, the Town of Truckee rocks! It is wrapped in living history and lives up to its slogan, Base Camp for a Big Life. You’ll see that the Cultural District designation award is well deserved, speaks for itself, and who knows, you too may fall in love here. For more information about Truckee, events and visitor information, contact the Truckee Chamber of Commerce, 10065 Donner Pass Road, Truckee, CA 96161, (530) 587-2757. 164 DESTINATION Nevada County

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It’s It’s founder, Dave Cabona, originally sold sold fishing tackle, appliances and and general merchandise.The eastern part part of of the the store store was was a a coffee shop.The coffee cup cup is is still still embedded in in the the sidewalk. SASSARINI HOME – – Built Built circa circa 1895 1895 by by the the Sassarini family, this this home was was later later purchased by by the the McGwinn Family on on July July 15, 15, 1918 1918 for for 10 10 dollars in in gold gold coin. coin. Doyle McGwinn grew grew up up to to be be the the town butcher for for many years. THE DEPOT – – The The depot was was built built in in 1900. A A plaque, located on on the the large large stone outside the the depot, commemorates the the first first transcontinental railroad line.The line line reached Truckee on on April 3, 3, 1868. TITUS HOME – – This This home was was constructed circa circa 1912 on on a a spot spot previously occupied by by a a Chinese boarding house. It It was was the the only only ly ly designed home in in Brickelltown, designed by by Will Will Bliss. Frank Titus, Sr. Sr. built built architectural- this this home while working as as an an engineer on on the the narrow gauge railroad, which hauled lumber from from Lake Lake Tahoe to to Truckee. THE CAPITOL – – Built in in 1872 by by William Hurd. It It was was originally “Hurd’s Saloon and and Hall.” It It was was used used by by Piper Opera Company and and then then for for the the County Court. I.O.O.F. HALL – – This This building was was built built in in 1871 and and is is the the oldest on on the the block. Rebekah officials from from New York York had had been been in in San San Francisco to to organize a a lodge there. Returning to to New York York they they became snowbound and and stayed in in Truckee four four days. days. They asked the the local local ladies if if they they would like like to to have have a a lodge; the the second Rebekah Lodge in in California was was established. EATON HOMES – – Originally built built by by Edward Brickell circa circa 1880 and and then then served as as the the Truckee Lumber Company store. Harry Eaton, Brickell’s son son in in law, law, was was a a longtime railroad engineer. His His son, son, Harry, grew up up in in this this home and and in in the the 1930’s he he was was known to to ski ski to to Tahoe City City to to deliver the the mail mail when trains were were snowbound in in Truckee. REX HOTEL BUILDING – – Built Built over over 100 100 years years ago, ago, it it was was converted to to a a hotel with with steam heated rooms in in 1913. During prohibition, the the lower floor floor was was a a speakeasy called the the “Silver Mirror.” THE KRUGER C.B. WHITE HOUSE – – Placed on on the the National Register of of Historic Places, it it was was built built in in 1873 by by W. W. H. H. Kruger, an an original owner of of the the Truckee Lumber Company. In In 1904, C. C. B. B. White, a a banker and and prominent citizen, bought the the house. SQUEEZE IN IN – – The The location of of the the town’s first first bank, operated by by Frank Burckhalter. In In 1869 a a daring bank robbery attempt was was thwarted by by the the heroic action of of bank employees and and town citizens. RICHARDSON HOUSE – – Warren Richardson built built this this beautiful Victorian home in in 1887.The home stayed in in the the family until until 1940. Since then, the the house was was used used as as a a boarding house and and was was to to become known in in town as as “the “the flop flop house”. In In 1981, the the house was was transformed into into a a bed bed and and breakfast. STONE GARAGE – – This This building is is on on the the location of of Truckee’s first first building: Gray’s Station. The The current stone building was was constructed around 1911 and and served as as a a carriage house and and blacksmith shop. THE TRUCKEE HOTEL – – Built as as the the American Hotel in in 1873, it it has has had had several name changes since. In In 1909, it it burned to to the the ground and and was was rebuilt. It It was was renamed Alpine Riverside Hotel for for the the 1960 Winter Olympics. The The hotel was was renovated and and reopened as as the the Truckee Hotel in in 1977. ROCKING STONE – – Although the the 17-ton stone no no longer rocks, it it is is one one of of 25 25 known rocking stones in in the the world. The The local local Native Americans used used this this rock rock for for drying their their food food and and holding ceremonies as as far far back back as as 15,000 years years ago. ago. One One of of the the early early tribes painstakingly chipped away away the the rock rock to to flatten the the top top and and curve the the bottom so so animals couldn’t climb up up to to eat eat their their food. THE LOADING DOCK – – Once a a loading dock and and freight station for for the the Southern Pacific Railroad this this building served as as a a warehouse for for years. Much of of Truckee’s lumber and and ice ice were were shipped from from here. THE SCHAFFER HOUSE – – Built in in 1895 by by George Schaffer, the the founder of of Truckee’s first first lumber mill, mill, Schaffer Mill. The- original Italianate detailing is is still still evident on on the the porch. TRUCKEE’S OLD JAIL – – Built in in 1875 out out of of native stone, the the brick was was added in in 1901.This is is one one of of the the West’s oldest jails jails in in continuous use use until until 1964. Open on on summer weekends. GRAY’S LOG WAYSTATION – – Truckee’s oldest building (1863). In In 1909 the the cabin was was given to to the the Native Sons Sons of of the the Golden West, Donner Parlor No. No. 162, 162, who who moved it it to to its its present location. FIRST AND LAST CHANCE SALOON – – It It was was the the last last saloon heading west west and and the the first first heading east; east; once once Truckee’s original telephone office. CHINESE HERB SHOP – – Built in in 1878, it it was was the the cornerstone of of Truckee’s Chinatown, the the second largest Chinese community on on the the west west coast, and and home of of the the Donner Soda Soda Label, part part of of the the Truckee Soda Soda Works. FLYING “A” “A” – – This This was was a a fully fully working gas gas station when it it opened in in the the 1936. In In 2007, it it was was revitalized to to appear as as a a 1949 gas gas station. SIERRA TAVERN BUILDING – – Built as as a a three-story building in in 1928. A A fourth floor floor was was added in in 1938.This was was once once the the location of of the the law law office of of Truckee’s famous citizen, Charles McGlashan, who who wrote the the history of of the the Donner Party. DESTINATION Nevada County 165