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Destination Nevada County

Premium visitors magazine for Nevada County produced by the Grass Valley Chamber of Commerce

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A WEALTH N e v a OFd a Co u OPPORTUNITY By Mary E. Owens Owens Estate & Wealth Strategies Group When I look back at my childhood and early adult years, I know I was blessed with some very special memories in my life. I grew up in the San Francisco East Bay area in Lafayette. I was able to ride my bike safely just about anywhere. Saturday afternoons were frequently spent in creeks catching newts and polliwogs. In the summer evenings the neighborhood kids would get together and play “Kick the Can” for hours. It was a perfect place for kids to grow up and experience “real” life. As I grew older I was able to get local jobs when I needed them. Lafayette was a small town then. Just about everyone knew everyone. If you moved there, you become part of the community quickly. That small town atmosphere made my confidence grow as I served the public in my “starter” jobs. If you know someone, it’s a lot easier to please them than a total stranger. I loved where I lived. I loved my small town and everything about it. But as I started to experience adulthood, things began to change. After I graduated from college and started a career as a CPA, I wanted to own a home and open a business of my own. I began to understand my small town and my greater community no longer had the opportunities for me that previous generations had enjoyed. Yes, jobs were plentiful, but the lifestyle had changed. The cost of living was stretching the budget to unforeseen levels, even with an above average paying job. My daily commute to San Francisco was getting more than tiring. Then BART went on strike and my life just got intolerable. I started to look around and questioned “Is this the place of opportunity any longer?” Lafayette experienced growth like all the San Francisco Bay area communities. They were no different. Traffic congestion, freeways overflowing, rental rates out of sight, and housing so expensive it took your breath away. My heart yearned for a return to a softer and easier way of life. So I started looking around on weekends at various foothill communities. I was contemplating what was unthinkable to most at the time. “You are actually considering leaving the San Francisco Bay area?”, people would ask in amazement. “This place has so much opportunity!” But in my mind the question was “opportunity at what cost?” So my search for a new home for both my “heart” and a “good place to start my own business” continued. This intensive and thorough search led to the next blessing in my life. It was Nevada County. It is here that I was able to start several highly successful businesses. But I am not alone in my migration or my success. Large numbers of our residents moved here because they had the same desires I held while living in a highly congested urban area. Either they were retirees looking for a less stressful and expensive retirement community or hard working people looking for more opportunity in life. Our business community has blossomed because of this “migration” away from high costs and stress. Nevada County is one of the largest “rural technology clusters” in the United States. We are rich in arts as well. Grass Valley, Nevada City and Truckee enjoy “Cultural Art Districts” designations. Our recreational opportunities are second to none. Our structure costs are very competitive and still close to major market areas and airports. It is no surprise that Nevada County is referred to by many new residents as “God’s Country.” If you are considering a move so you too can enjoy a lifestyle change, you owe it to yourself to discover Nevada County. 182 DESTINATION Nevada County

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