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Destination Nevada County

Premium visitors magazine for Nevada County produced by the Grass Valley Chamber of Commerce

A PRIVATE for Cigars

A PRIVATE for Cigars ROOM By Nicole Arbaugh Tightly rolled leaves smolder as several shallow inhales ignite. Shared laughter among old friends surrounds. The chin raises, exhaling white wisps of smoke which ascend like dancers, twisting and swirling in a graceful trance. The hand-rolled piece of art overwhelms the senses with aromas of wood, paired with tastes of rum, as it burns submissively like a captive fire. A moment to remember, a cigar from Phoenix to savor. A beautifully made piece of jewelry is an extended expression of affection, given to those we love to preserve the moment — an engagement, anniversary, birthday… just because. An outpouring of emotion is typical with tears shed, tender embraces, sweet kisses, all preserve the moment between two people forever. Jewelers. In 2017, the addition of cigar rolling was added to the event and solidified the idea of opening a walk-in humidor within the jewelry store. The name comes from the actual Phoenix Drugs store that was located at the present location of Stucki Jewelers around the 1930s. The Phoenix has risen at 148 Mill Street in historic downtown Grass Valley. A cigar has a similar effect which can be shared alone during a contemplative moment, or with friends to amplify the occasion. A wedding, day on the links, casual get together among friends, poker night, all enhanced with a cigar from Phoenix, a true experience for the senses and an indulgent moment of aromas and tastes for the soul. Phoenix walk-in humidor is Northern California’s newest premium cigar retailer located inside Stucki Jewelers at 148 Mill Street in historic downtown Grass Valley. The inspiration for Phoenix came from the popularity of the Gentlemen’s Soirée, an annual event coupled with Father’s Day hosted by Stucki Pictured to the right at the Golden Era: James Arbaugh, owner of Phoenix and Stucki Jewelers, is all about the experience. He understands the value of the moment captured through a piece of fine jewelry or enhanced with a finely crafted cigar. 44 DESTINATION Nevada County

DESTINATION Nevada County 45