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It’s All About The

It’s All About The DRESS hat girl hasn’t dreamed her whole life of being a bride? It’s her moment to shine, to be a princess. Even rough-and-tumble girls dream it. Every girl wishes she might, even if only once, be the most beautiful woman in the room. The most beautiful the world. The most beautiful ever. Imagine gliding into the ball room, Fairy Godmother’s work glittering and alive, and time stops. A gasp rises, a single breath from the collective throats of a stunned audience, then follow whispers and smiles, nods of approval. Perhaps a look here and there of jealousy. That moment is magic. Yet, it’s not a fairy tale, nor is a Fairy Godmother required. Furthermore, when the clock strikes midnight, the moment doesn’t have to end. The pictures, the video, they will last forever. That means forever is not only possible, it is actual. The magic of forever needs just one thing: It’s all about the dress. The dress is both real and magical. It transforms beauty into breathlessness. Girls become women. Women brides. Brides princesses. It makes the moment into forever. And for those whose brow might furrow some at the notion of princess-ness, it isn’t something silly or childish. Princess is an attitude. It’s not the Disney variety—or at least it doesn’t have to be—it’s how you feel. It’s not simply whether she feels beautiful or not. A princess deserves respect. She deserves awe. She inspires it. And don’t you? Think of all the things you do, the roles you play, the lives you touch in your day to day. The right dress activates and accentuates the most respectable and awesome facets of you. And if you’re not sure about that, let’s just have a look. First, let’s start with a woman’s body. This alone is a blessing. Not only is it the fixation of half of the humans on the planet (or more!), it is also literally the source of life for every one of them. Every. Last. One. Therefore, there is no shape of a woman that is not perfect and sublime. But the perfect dress is not simply about augmenting the body. A woman is so much more than her physicality. She is all the loving acts she has made. The sacrifices. The compromises. The victories, achievements, and goals attained. She is her failures, her lost loved ones, her dead pets, the hours she spent caring for them all in life and in decline. She is the hours she will spend on such things tomorrow and beyond, until she draws her last breath. She is her mind and her humor and her unique abilities. She is beyond definition. Every moment of her life has demanded a different version of herself. The right wedding dress respects her journey. It frames it, suggesting the beautiful, enduring story that is her. It hints at the story that she will become. Just as a diamond shines best upon a ring; and a flower blooms best beneath the sun, a bride does both within her dress. She becomes the dream. It is magic, and it is real. And it is forever. Bringing it together begins in knowing it’s all about the dress. By John Daulton 62 DESTINATION Nevada County Photo courtesy:

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