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Look Inside Young Adult Road Map

Look Inside Young Adult Road

The Guiding Star TO FINDING OUT WHERE YOU FIT IN SKILLS, KNOWLEDGE, AND PRACTICAL STRATEGIES FOR EVERYDAY LIFE Young Adult Road Map A Step-By-Step Guide to Navigating Wellness, Independent Living, and Transition Services for People in Their Teens and Twenties By Wendy Lowe Besmann and Kimberly Douglass, PhD With the Young Adult Road Map Editorial Board: Joshua Calarino, Lead; Justine Castaneda, Heather Hall, Shelby Haisley, Olivia Kane, Zachary Karenchak, Adam Nooe, Alyse Schwartz, and Sebastian Serrano-Johnson Illustrations by Danyell Thillet Edited by Heather Hall, MS Team Up TUFF for Families Melton Hill Media Find a path... and leave a trail. From the publisher of Family Road Map